Technology Fungus Modified to Produce Spider Venom That Could Be Used to Kill Malaria Carrying Mosquitoes

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    The mosquito is considered one of the world's most deadly animals.

    When you think of a deadly animal you might immediately imagine a shark or snake. However, in terms of how many people it kills every year, the mosquito shoots to the top of the list. IS Global has estimated that 725,000 persons are killed each year by mosquitos.

    Now what makes this small insect so dangerous is its ability to transmit diseases, especially malaria. Each year across the globe there are approximately 219 million cases of malaria each year, with the disease killing 400,000 people per year, decimating populations in the third-world.

    Some of the world's greatest minds have come together to find a way to combat Malaria. Recently, researchers have developed fungus genetically enhanced to produce spider toxins to rapidly kill out massive amounts of mosquitos, potentially preventing the spread of malaria.

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