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Discussion in 'Humor' started by WastedSavior, May 20, 2009.

  1. WastedSavior

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    Under the sod and under the trees
    Lies the body of Jonathan Pease.
    He is not here, there's only the pod:
    Pease shelled out and went to God.

    Here lies an Atheist
    All dressed up
    And no place to go.

    The children of Israel wanted bread
    And the Lord sent them manna,
    Old clerk Wallace wanted a wife,
    And the Devil sent him Anna.
    (Manna is a hebrew word, and is the name of a food)

    Beneath this silent
    Stone is laid
    A noisy antiquated
    Who from the cradle
    Talked to death,
    And ne'er before was
    Out of breath.

    Beneath this grassy
    Mound now rests
    One Edgar Oscar Earl,
    Who to another
    Hunter looked
    Exactly like a squirrel.

    Here lies
    Ezekial Aikle
    Age 102
    The Good Die Young.

    Here lies the body
    of Jonathan Blake
    Stepped on the gas
    Instead of the brake.

    Post 'em if you got 'em folks,
    If you believe as i do,
    and wanna go out with a laugh.

    The one i'd like on my grave
    As you are now, so once was I am now, so you shall be...
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  2. trb92

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    A few good ones:

    John Penny.

    Reader if cash thou are

    In want of any

    Dig 4 feet deep

    And thou wilt find a Penny.

    Sir John Strange

    Here lies an honest lawyer,

    And that is Strange.

    Here lies


    my wife for 47 years,

    and this is the first damn thing

    she ever done to oblige me.

    Once I wasn't

    Then I was

    Now I ain't again.
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  3. Ioannes

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    I remember some geeky ones (not real of course)

    404 Life not found


    (favourite) WTF H4X

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