Game Recommendation: Zombie Defense!

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    Zombie, once a dreadful creature on silver screen, now comes to multiple platforms including iOS & Android. Seriously, what might come to your mind, speaking of zombies? The infamous Resident Evil series, survival horror, sometimes with comedy element, or like House of the Dead, Plants vs. Zombies…?

    Anyway, what I’ve just found is a zombie themed game that kept me busy for a couple of weeks
    . You may never heard of it before – ‘Zombie Defense’ developed by Home Net Games, but, read the comments, you’ll know why it’s awesome:


    [​IMG] Features:
    - 48 campaign missions with tons of replayability (You start playing and you’ll know why)
    - Countless weapons, troops and defense upgrades
    - Refined graphics
    - Strategic spots for you to arrange your units’ layout (Even allows you to adjust the spot in the late game)
    - One-key save feature for game progress
    - Important: EASY TO GET RICH!

    To be honest, there are IAPs though, but literally you don’t need any actual purchase, the dev team is generous enough to make it an easy game. I played it a lot, my phone doesn’t work and is in repair, so I had to play it on PC, here’s the gameplay screenshot:

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