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    Recently I've been contemplating the idea behind starting a Gamefly account. For those of you unaware, Gamefly is lke blockbuster for gamers. Games from all consoles [and I've even heard they're attempting to do something with PC games, but I don't know how that's going to work with product keys and whatnot...]

    For anyone else who either already knew about Gamefly and maybe even those who use it;

    Any thoughts/comments/concerns/gripes about the service? Worth the money or no?

    If there are no replies, I might go ahead, give it a trial run and then let ya'll know my thoughts. If it's worth the time, I think I might even encourage some of you to start renting games with me and we'll start organizing gamer sessions :)
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    For me, Gamefly helped my addiction to Achievements on the 360. It was great when I had just graduated and I had a shit ton of free time. I really liked the service, never really had any problems with it except the delivery time was like a week on games for me, but I rented two games at a time so it was never a problem unless one was truly atrocious. I say give it a go, you've got nothing to lose and if you had a bit of free time its a great way to get caught on up gaming for cheap (not having to buy all the games.)

    I guess another issue, but not if you "getting caught up," would be that you can hardly ever get recently released games. They have them, but so many people want them right away its hard to get them.
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