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Compulsive gaming a response to feelings of anger and isolation

The issue of 'gaming addiction' has been hitting tabloid headlines of late, following the recent release of a new expansion pack to Blizzard's mighty World of Warcraft earlier this month.

However, a specialist from Amsterdam's Smith & Jones Centre claims that compulsive gaming is NOT an addiction and should not be treated as one.

Keith Bakker is the founder and head of Europe's first clinic to work with young gamers. He and his staff prefer to consider compulsive gaming as a social rather than a psychological problem in the young people they work with.

More of the story here.


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And yet another victory for VIDEO GAMERS EVERYWHERE!! Whooooooooo!!


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There are more reasons then that.
My computer is like my stress reliever, instead of pot or alcohol.
Does my stress come from my parents? No, it comes from life.


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It's a way to take the edge off. I mean we could all go out and get drunk a drive cars and smoke pot and do coke if that's what everyone prefers.


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I wish our educational system implements this newfound study into social studies textbooks, and teach us how to correctly socialize ourselves without using modern technology (cellular phones, Internet, etc.). Otherwise, everyone is going to be tired of reading headline news about the same topics, such as:

1. "Gaming is not an Addiction, Study says..."
2. "Compulsive gaming is classified as a mental disorder..."


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That is just so lame. There is some truth to that story tho.

When talking about MMO's like wow I can see it fit perfect.

But when people sit and play single-player games, that is when I see that the work addiction can step in.

I myself have played a few MMO's and never gotten addicted to them, I played just for the social thrill.

I actually think that playing MMO's can be compared to blogging and online communities like lunarstorm(big web community in sweden, denmark and some other contries). That to me seem to be "problems" of the same basis, they are both social addicting things.

If people start playing wow for example and play without eating and stuff, I think they could had done it with any other just as appealing single-player game aswell.

This is just a thought tho, if it insults anyone then please don't be mad at me:p
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