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hello i got i problem about gates
i got 1 iron gate for the commercial part of my city
and 1 city entrance for the residencial part of my city
i also created a spawning region and another region for their destination which is located in the center of my city (yes, i used attack move to command)
the problem is that when the gates are closed they wont attack me and
just go and sit in there base
they only attack once i open the gates

please help me figure this out
its not fun being alone with your sister you know


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Welcome to thehelper! :)

Is these normal "destructible" gates? Are they invurnable? You might add a periodic trigger checking every second if the gate is closed, if it is, order them to attack it and set a boolean variable to true. And add another if/then/else checking if the gate is open and the boolean is set to true, ordering them to once again attack move to city centre and turn the boolean off!


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whats the event?
does the condition look like this?
((Triggering unit)is A structure)Equal to True
what should be the action


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Maybe a Destructible - Destructible is Invulnerable condition at the very top.
Then make the unit or doodad the "gates".
Im not sure if this is it but from the way it sounds I think this is near it.:confused:
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