World Germany: 6 people menaced by a packaged durian; Were sent to the hospital and caused an evacuation

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    (CNN) Twelve German postal workers received medical treatment and dozens more were evacuated due to a pungent suspect package -- which turned out to be a shipment of the notoriously smelly durian fruit.

    Police, firefighters and emergency services were called to a post office in the Bavarian town of Schweinfurt on Saturday after staff noticed the smell coming from a package.
    "Due to the unknown content, it was initially unclear whether the suspect package posed a greater risk," a statement from Schweinfurt police department explained.

    The entire building was evacuated, with around 60 employees forced to leave, before the package was carefully examined.

    It turned out to contain four Thai durian fruits, which a 50-year-old resident of the town had sent home from a friend in Nuremberg.

    Read more here. (CNN)

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