World Germany: Universities to reintroduce tuition fees for non-EU students

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    Students from outside the European Union will soon have to pay to attend universities in south-west Germany, where until now, courses have been free.

    Tuition fees were scrapped in Baden-Württemberg state in 2011, and universities became free from cost in all German states by 2014.

    But despite promising not to introduce general fees earlier this year, the Baden-Württemberg state government has announced the reintroduction of tuition fees to international students from autumn 2017.

    The change comes as part of efforts to reduce debt in the country, with the higher education ministry admitting it can no longer afford to provide free education to all.

    Once Britain leaves the EU, UK students taking up places in a number of German institutions, including the University of Stuttgart and the University of Heidelberg, will be required to pay fees of €1,500 (£1,256) per semester.

    For a second degree, students will be asked to pay a reduced fee of €650 (£544) per semester.

    It is believed this cost could be extended across the rest of Germany in the coming years.

    Read more here. (Independent UK)
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    €1,500/semester is still only like 1/5th what it is in the U.K, i.e. still a bargain
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    Its more than nothing though. How dare them krauts demand money for their services?!

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