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It's been quite awhile a new project got its own sub-forum here and therefore I think this needs fixing. In an attempt to reward our mappers here and popularise modding in descending Warcraft 3 community, you can now submit your request to get your own sub-forum (like EGUI or Warcraf IV).

The benefits of a sub-forum:
  • You have more control over your project as you can use concentrated space to contain all the threads and topics about your map.
  • You gain more responsibility to maintain your sub-forum
  • It's cool to own a sub-forum here

The policy to get hosted here was quite strict here before, which explains the lack of new projects, and it's loosed now. However, there are still some requirements and rules to submitting your request and getting hosted:

  • You must be an active member of
  • You must have something to showcase: a map of some sort or at least, a quite well planned thread with some degree of activity - anything, that's a little bit past of just an idea or an infant stage

In general, the more detailed information you can give and a more polished idea/map/etc. you can provide, the better.

If you think you'd deserve a sub-forum, post your request here with the following information:

  • the name of your project
  • the link to your thread
  • a short explanation why you think your project would benefit from a sub-forum

We'll see how this works out. It's not guaranteed your map will definitely get hosted, but this thread is somewhat of a declaration by the staff, too, of the not-so-strict hosting policy.

I know the "rules" are a little bit vague at the moment, but I'll (or other moderators here) try to polish and make the process of getting your map hosted better on the run, depending on the feedback.

Anyway, that's it and happy mapping!


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I like this idea, it definitely allowed me to control my project much easier. Anyone who thinks their project has the potential to be great, I would recommend signing up. It's helped me, and should help you too. :thup:


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Probably would be helpful for large scale projects like Warcraft IV ;)
I just want the sticky Mod Pick, it hasn't been replaced for a while :)


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I vote another sub-forum is made for gias retaliation.
  • Gaias Retaliation ORPG
  • If a thread has over 120k views, and over 1k posts, on a thread that isn't it's first >.> i think it should have sub-forum. It's obviously an extremely well made project that's bringing a lot of input from players in. Idk about you, but that many posts would be hard to sift through in one thread :/ having a sticky for updates and another for the actual game thread, then user-related threads for things like bugs, or suggestions, and whatnot would be great. Would make things much smoother. AND Being as it's cool to have a sticky here, wouldnt it be cool to have a cool sticky, with a cool name? ;o Would make the page look cooler.

Now that i've used the word "cool" 5 times in that tiny of a space we should look at zwie:

  • Active, represented by his posts nearing the thousands and his 100+rep allowing that thing under your avatar to be changed
  • As for his "showcase", wouldn't this be the map? >.> it's reached d2 popularity, changing the thread into a team-arranging thing.

Of course this isn't MY map, and i wouldn't know if he even wanted to have a sub-forum >.> imo, however, it would benefit from one.


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I would like to apply for a subforum.
Map: Vampirism Zero VZP (v3.3)
Link to map:
Link to thread:

Map stands on lot higher level than many other Vampirism maps providing constant battlefield lot different to current tag maps where entire gaming is about watching mouse cursor. Map is constantly being updated and runs own forum where everyone is free to join and post. Map is made (mainy by me and with many suggestions of VZP clan members) by european Clan VZP which is a destination of many Vampirism Players.

I believe that having a subforum on TheHelper could help me increase popularity of my map, gain more experienced players and improve my map even more. Because it's TheHelper where's lots of good mappers perhaps I could have been suggested of a better way to do something.

Ps. I just posted my map as I never had a clue it was possible.


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Just a warning to all you guys, having a subforum isn't easy. You actually have to manage it.

Don't think "I want one and I think I can handle the responsibility."

Instead, think "It would be very beneficial towards my project and I know I have the skills and responsibility required to manage and run a subforum."

A subforum isn't something you should get unless you really need one.


The Edge of Eternity is upon us.
Just a warning to all you guys, having a subforum isn't easy. You actually have to manage it.

Don't think "I want one and I think I can handle the responsibility."

Instead, think "It would be very beneficial towards my project and I know I have the skills and responsibility required to manage and run a subforum."

A subforum isn't something you should get unless you really need one.
Yeah, definitely agree. If you want to present your project nicely, a sub-forum is very hard to manage, because some threads can become VERY long when writing them, and responding to some questions can take up a lot of your time. Of course, you could ignore all these questions and not post any updates at all, but then you shouldn't even deserve a sub-forum in the first place.


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My project is currently in a "Final Edit" though, I plan to continue my work on it over the next 6-8 months to greatly enhance it.

Custom Hero Arena Revolutions Final
There is a link to it at the hive.
and there is a link to my personal forum for it.
My original post here for the map (Will be severely updated if I get a spot)

A majority of the people at the Hive greatly support unique game-play and catchy graphics. The users on my forum find a lot of bugs, and support balanced game play and new creations. What I am looking for here is support in terms of triggering, and actual editing support. That and the free publicity. (Honesty)

Though I don't have a lot of posts on this site, I manage my own forum, so have the knowledge to manage a sub-forum. We have bots that host the game on all servers at all times of the day. We have a good sized clan than can teach interested people how to play; and I have my forum as back up, for information about the game.


Check out my 2 Player Co-op RPG!
the name of your project 2 Player Co-Op RPG

the link to your thread:

a short explanation why you think your project would benefit from a sub-forum: I think it would benefit from a sub-forum for a number of reasons. One of these reasons is to increase awareness of this project. I don't want people to brush this aside as a small, pointless map that will go no where. This will be my main, life project ^^ and it's incredibly unique and enjoyable - i've yet to come across another Co-op RPG map. This map is aimed at the LAN users, to play with siblings or friends, so it is also unique there.
I have been with for a long while, so I can be trusted, and i'm on every day, numerous amounts of times so would keep the sub-forums clean and in check. The subforums, in turn, will aid me to gather more players, more ideas, comments and ways to improve the current game.

Thanks for reading my request, i understand i will probably be rejected but it would be good for you to consider it



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the name of your project
I'm thinking of a name for my project :p

the link to your thread

a short explanation why you think your project would benefit from a sub-forum
A way to implement a small guide on how to use commands ETC ETC
A good way to get ideas off of people and use it in my map.

I do not care if this doesn't get qualified for a sub-forum, all I'm saying is that I could get a bunch of new ideas, and possibly make this map a popular map to play on War3.

This is a W.I.P map with Role Play features included, mini quests, what the new codes are "*" instead of "-". A bunch of new models. It even has the Mystic "Chocobo". And I'd also like to be-able to take in suggestions. Also it has a Hunger system.


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...what the new codes are "*" instead of "-"...
You do realise how much harder it is to type a star (*) right?

Anyway is this still open? I don't quite think my maps are big enough to deserve a sub-forum but I'd definately put the time and effort in if anyone did decide to assist me with making one.

My current project is:
Inflicted Defence
Type: Single Player or Team Hero Defence
Downloadable here: Version 0.7 B

Tbh, I'd be really happy if someone could just host it and share some feedback. I'm desperately looking for feedback, ideas, suggestions and any form of criticism I can get.

Many thanks.


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Hello =)
I'd very much like a sub-forum for my project. I've been working on my project for around 6 months now, in my spare time, and it's becoming fairly big in scope.

The name of the project is: Irate Pirates

The members project page is here.

My map wants to be played!, and I'd very much appreciate if my fellows here on TH could play it and offer their unique criticisms that would allow me to polish the map to an eye-blindingly shiny state. The map itself is beautifully set in Sunken Ruins, the idea relatively simple being an aeon of strife with multi-hero and base management, but with far more features which makes the game a heavily team-based experience with plenty of features to cater for different styles of play. One can choose to focus on base management, and handling economics while dodging bullets on trade routes, or take your Pirate into battle against the opposing faction and it's players. There are PvE encounters that will require some co-operation and coordination to survive, and ultimately provide the things you need to win the match, gold, items, allies, ships and experience!

- Up to 4 players can join one of two faction's, the Crusty Corsairs, or the Rotten Raiders.
- Plenty of items to get and improve.
- Trade allows for a greater focus on economics.
- 11 unique classes to play.
- 5 Ships to captain.
- 3 Pets to train.
- ..and much more!
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