"Ghoul Hunters" on the way!



Guys. I'm gonna do it. I've been planning this out for a while.

Name: Ghoul Hunters
Description: Two teams compete against each other, Ghoul Hunters, and Ghouls.
Ghoul Hunters build up their base and search out to exterminate the ghouls and their king. Ghoul's on the other hand, are the stalkers of the forest, waiting for unexpected hunters to wander in their path....Both are going to be balanced and each race have their pros and cons.
Players: I'm still undecided, but I think at least ten(5v5).
Development: I will develop pretty much the whole map, from triggering to units.
The only area where I will need help is terrain, my weak point. I need someone who will help me out with that area. Once I get a couple people to voulenteer, I will have more info on my plans and what needs to be done.

I will see this project through and may even have to do the terrain by myself if noone is willing to help. Please, DO NOT, make any criticisms about me starting this project, ex. "You probably won't finish it and trash it soon."

Once agian, anyone who is free to help me with terraining please do so. Here's hoping for a great first project by me.


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Your a TH member...

Shouldn't this have gone in the new TH Member Forum? :p

If you want some cool ghoulish models, please ask! :) I found quite a few when searching through wc3sear.ch one day, and it wouldn't take long to collect some url's for ya.


I come from the net ... My format, Vector.
I love terrianing and watching things come together. Ild be happy to do whatever i can, forest right? Can there be some mountain? Ild like to try to terrian mountain for a real project.

I cant host and if thats a probelm sorry, i still havnt gotten around to that blasted router..

*Spits at router* *Router spits back* *Runs off screaming to the isluium*


Red Beard

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You probably wont finish it and trash it soon.

It sounds intriguing.....

can i ask how the ghouls win?

DM Cross

You want to see a magic trick?
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Red Beard said:
You probably wont finish it and trash it soon.

I said the same thing in the thread for this in the Special Member forum.

+Rep for having a great mind! :D


You can change this now in User CP.

Im good at doodags and forests, but not at paths and stuff, they look too much like....paths.. lol
basically i suck at paths
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