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I just recently came back to warcraft and I have a TD that was on the backburner but now I want to really get back into it. Right now there are 5 races Fire, Ice, Earth, Chaos and Holy. Fire and Ice are done but I need some ideas for the other 3. There are a total of 7 towers per race. Please use the below formula to get started, you may submit more than one tower also.

The starting gold is 70 so if its a lower tier such as 1 or 2 make sure the price is reasonable.

Name Of Tower:
Cost (between 10-300):
Attack Speed:
Tier (1-7):
Build Time (creep waves are every 45 seconds so keep this in mind):
Special Abilities (can be everything from basic abilities to some minor custom ones):


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Ok here are the ideas I've written (Extra towers for Fire and Ice if you like).

Race: Fire
Name Of Tower: Inferno Catapult
Cost (between 10-300): 230
Attack Speed: Fast
Tier (1-7): 5
Build Time (creep waves are every 45 seconds so keep this in mind): 20
Damage: 85 - 125
Special Abilities (can be everything from basic abilities to some minor custom ones): Burning Oil (similar to Demolisher's).

Race: Ice
Name Of Tower: Snowflake Accelerator
Cost (between 10-300): 150
Attack Speed: Very Fast
Tier (1-7): 3
Build Time: 13
Damage: 26-39
Special Abilities: Frost Attack, Blizzard.

Race: Earth
Name Of Tower: Sediment Golem
Cost: 300
Attack Speed: Slow
Tier: 7
Build Time: 20
Damage: 145-180 Area of Effect.
Special Abilities: Avalanche, Hurl Boulder, Toss.

Race: Chaos
Name Of Tower: Hellfire Engine
Cost: 120
Attack Speed: Medium
Tier: 4
Build Time: 12
Damage: 45-78 Area of Effect.
Special Abilities: Lightning Inferno (a chain finger of death sort of skill)

Race: Holy
Name Of Tower: Angel's Pedestal
Cost: 260
Attack Speed: Fast
Tier: 6
Build Time: 18
Damage: 45-129
Special Abilities: Holy Strike, Heaven's Fist(click on an enemy unit and nearby units will take damage, more damage is dealt to undead creeps)

Remember that I'm currently available to give ideas to others by sending me a PM or if I come across a thread like this. Hope it helps out your TD, thanks:D


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I won't go into the detail you want, but one thing I don't think I have ever seen in a tower game is a tower with the 'mirror image' cloning ability. I tested it out and it works, so I thought maybe you could tie that into your holy race of tower some how. It moves the towers around a bit, but i think that could add a different gameplay element to your TD.
(one thing to remember if you do choose to use it is that the cloned towers if made from ordinary war3 structures get stuck on the construction animation until they have shot at something.)


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nice ideas for the tower most of them are simple and yet unique, I cant work on the map until about 8pm tonight due to work, however I am excited to make them and see how they turn out.


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Try searching?
Look into Tower Contests. It REALLY Helps!

Also, try here.
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