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    Hello, I am interested in deploying my portfolio website on a Python back-end and I was wondering if any of you had a suggestion for me.

    I am not looking for something big at start, but it would be nice if they had expansion possibilities. Also, I will most probably make my app Django-based.

    Thank you!

    EDIT: Searching the web, I found Web Faction, which seem to offer a pretty good deal. What do you think?
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    monoVertex I'm back!

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    For anyone interested: I went with Web Faction and I will be sharing my impressions here.

    First off: I went for the yearly-payment package, so I can get 10% off the monthly price. For the base package, that should have cost me $120 ($102, plus VAT - in my country VAT is applied, YMMV).

    I saw they have a coupon field, so just out of curiosity, I searched google for "web faction coupon". Bam! One of the first results, 50%-off coupon for the one-year payment. WOW! So I got the base hosting package for $60, which is a really sweet deal!
    You can pay with PayPal or directly with a credit card, for your information. Also, the entire transaction went pretty fast and I had my hosting in minutes.
    You can also try out the server for a 3-day trial (with some limitations of course) and they have a money back guarantee within a month, I think, from what I read on the Internet. Not sure thought.

    So what do $60 get you? Availability to both Apache and nginx. With nginx, you can only serve static files, but still, that means those files will served lightning fast, which is pretty awesome in my opinion. You can run Python, PHP, Ruby and, I think, C and Java. You get git servers and a plenty of other application.

    Their documentation is superb. There is a steeper learning curve, but their docs help you a lot with that. Also, creating new websites on your hosting and new applications for each site is done through a few clicks. The entire interface is very robust and pleasant to the eye. They don't have cPanel, but honest to be I prefer their administration panel.

    You also get SSH access and database access (MySQL and PostgreSQL, probably some other as well).

    The only obstacle so far was that they don't allow for basic remote MySQL unless you send a support ticket and probably in some special situations. However, you can setup a SSH tunnel for the MySQL ports and if you have a program to help you (I have HeidiSQL), it's really easy to use after you set it up. My problem was that I never worked with SSH-tunneled-MySQL so it took me a while until I got it up and running.

    Currently I have a Django application up and running, preparing to develop on it :).

    If anyone is interested, the source code will be hosted on GitHub, while the website will be available here.

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