Sci/Tech Google kills off the Captcha, ensuring humans don't need to see the most annoying thing on the inter

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    Google just killed the Captcha, perhaps the most obstructive thing on the entire internet.

    For years, Captcha served as the primary way of telling humans and robots apart on the internet. It made sure that the person looking to access a website was actually a human being – ensuring that robots couldn't be used to send spam or flood a website with requests, for instance.

    But over time, robots have gradually become too clever for the often simple tests – which early on required people to transcribe hard-to-read text. With that, the technologies have become more complex, too.

    Google now says that its Captcha technology has become so clever that it doesn't even need to interact with humans at all. Instead, it can tell straight away whether it is dealing with a robot – and if it thinks it isn't, it will just let people straight through.

    It is similar to the message that many internet users will already have seen, where a little tick box appears that says "I'm not a robot" and then lets the page load, which Google refers to as "No CAPTCHA re CAPTCHA". But that now just won't appear at all.

    Read more here. (Independent UK)
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    As a Jondo and Tor user, i can tell you that Google's reCaptcha is well and alive. (as of now)
    It's still a huge pain in the ass, which often leads me to using alternatives like Duckduckgo or Startpage.

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