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Discussion in 'Models and Textures' started by 13lade619, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. 13lade619

    13lade619 is now a game developer :)

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    UPDATED. 12/10/07 7:15 pm

    Done 12/9/07 10am - 3:30pm

    this is the first skin i'll submit at TH.

    i've been hangin' around, searching for things about wc3 when i saw this pic:
    they're the warglaives of illidan, the Twin Blades of Azzinoth.

    Finished Product: [.blp is attached to this post]
    A modified Demon Hunter with armor and glowing warglaives.

    :) Comments/Criticism/Suggestions Please :)

    If you want to use this for your maps, please give proper credit.

    - the hardest part was doing the platemail. i combined pieces from the spellbreaker, felwood doodads, etc.
    - the new blades are recolored and pieces from illidan and chaos orc warlock.
    - more recolor and CnP.
    - Tools : Magos Model Editor (preview), WC3 Viewer (exporting/conversion), Photoshop CS2 (editing)

    -updated with platemail skull and grunge.

    and if people would ask this question offtopic:
    the answer is NO. WoW isn't available in our country, and if it is, i still wouldn't play... it's expensive...

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  2. Tinki3

    Tinki3 Special Member

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    > Comments/Criticism/Suggestions Please

    Looks good so far, but, the blades need some more work IMO.

    Try and get them looking close to what they look like in those pics.

    Nice and pure-green (ish), like a glow.

    Meaning, get rid of that dark detail.

    I like the center piece though.
  3. hell_knight

    hell_knight Playing WoW

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    ^ Agree with my twin here ^

    Blade looks like just a recolour atm.

    Remove the detail from the blade , and make it more like the pic.
    Twin warglaives of azzinoth probaly the best lookin wep in WoW.
  4. 13lade619

    13lade619 is now a game developer :)

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    ok, finally it's finished.

    i'm gonna use this in my project too.

    if you want to use it, please give proper credit.
  5. Hatebreeder

    Hatebreeder So many apples

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    This looks sexy :D
    +Rep from me ^^
  6. junz13

    junz13 New Member

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    +Rep it's so coool!!! ^^may i use this in my map?? i promise to give you full credit!!
  7. waaaks!

    waaaks! Zinctified

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    cool! nice 13lade619
  8. duyen

    duyen New Member

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    Wow! The armor and eyes are just plain sick! +rep
  9. darkRae

    darkRae Ueki Fan (Ueki is watching you)

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    The blades look cool :p glowy

    > the answer is NO. WoW isn't available in our country, and if it is, i still wouldn't play... it's expensive..

    The same with me. There's no WoW here, and if there were, it would cause Indonesia to be a more stupid country, with all its students addicted to it.
  10. R@i_no_Wyrm

    R@i_no_Wyrm New Member

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    Damn cool! Just need a little work with the blades. Don't make it pure flat. Try to make it a little thicker then becoming more thin at the edge.

    >I love the green color
    >Put the skeleton logo on the platemail too! It's nice and suits him!:eek:

    If there's an WoW in Indonesia, Everyone will pay and maybe Indonesia will be a history in 4-5 years...
  11. Tinki3

    Tinki3 Special Member

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    Good, looks great now.

    You just need to put the .blp into a .zip or .rar with a ReadMe that has some implementation instructions.
  12. SFilip

    SFilip Gone but not forgotten

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    I like the idea, but the blade looks...I don't know, plastic.
    The edges on it are very sharp, maybe you can smoothen them a bit? The way it is now, you can see that skin was not a part of the original model right away.
  13. Hero

    Hero ─║╣ero─

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    Yeah I have to agree.
  14. Uberplayer

    Uberplayer -

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    You could improve this alot.

    To make it non plastic.. Add some grunge maybe (I don't mean that fill those blades with black and grey grunge brushes).

    Then, same for the armor, that guy has probably been fighting few thousand years, but not without his armor taking damage.

    In the picture it seems to have some yellow colour in his armor, so you probably could change that.
  15. Psiblade94122

    Psiblade94122 In need of sleep

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    i think you shuld make that skin for the FTF illidan, then itll look more like the WoW version XD

    edit: wow i must be heka tired, i ment TFT
  16. Doom-Angel

    Doom-Angel Jass User (Just started using NewGen)

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    wow looks nice i liked it
  17. 13lade619

    13lade619 is now a game developer :)

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    i'll update it soon.

    i'm not trying to let it look like the guy on the pic.
    the warglaives of azzinoth just look so cool i wanted to create a skin for the demon hunter.

    EDIT : Updated.
  18. Insane!

    Insane! Shh I didn't edit this, go away.

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    the blades are to flat for me...

    but over all

    4-1/4 out of 5
  19. Sim

    Sim Forum Administrator Staff Member

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    >A modified Demon Hunter with armor and glowing warglaives.

    They aren't glowing anymore :p
  20. FireEffect

    FireEffect Gasp!

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    Result is ok. You should learn to alpha. Because im soooo mean according to everybody. 5/10 I dunno i dislike recolor.

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