Snippet GUI-Friendly Damage Detection

When im saveing the map all this shit below got error till the ending. WTF?

// Configurables.
function GDD_RecycleRate takes nothing returns real //The rate at which the system checks units to see if they've been removed from the game
return 0.03
Here is the problem when i imported the GDD stuff like you sayd in this thread. When i launch the map (WC3 1.26a) Game launches and in game appeares unpassable terrains and some GUI triggers are turned off, like the map is not fully loaded. Does anyone knows what is this?
you forgot the /spoiler at the end of the jass code lol
I havent actually tried this, and it might be a bad idea.

But, setting the Damage variable to a reduced amount will reduce the damage dealt?
Or is this method only allow the user to view the amount of damage, rather than edit the amount of damage dealt?
Hmm guys can someone help me implement this in my map. I have copied both triggeres in my map and did.

Ultimate fortress fire
        Game - GDD_Damage becomes Equal to 0.00
        Game - Display to (All players) the text: ((String(GDD_Damage)) + done)

The game just says 0.000 damage done. Do i need to set the variables in GDD variable creator myself or they are what they are.

Namely, I need a trigger that will register damage and return it to the attacker. Can someone help me how to do it I'm a bit confused how to use this.
You're using the wrong variable. It's GDD_Event that should change to 0.00 for the damage event.
I'm trying to remove the use of the variable creator. I uncommented the globals section in the code (as it says you can if you use JASS Helper), but it doesn't work. Any ideas?
"It doesn't work" isn't a very good description.

Simply uncommenting the globals block should be sufficient if you're using this system in (v)JASS.
I am using vJASS. How much detail do you want for "it doesn't work"? Is this better: "When I uncomment the globals section and make a function that prints "Damaged!" whenever a unit takes damage and test it with a demo map and tell one unit to attack another, no text is printed on the screen. When I use the variable creator and make a test trigger that prints "Damaged!" whenever a unit takes damage and test it with a demo map and tell one unit to attack another, the text does apper on the screen".
Perhaps some code would be in order. Or even a new thread in the proper location.
is it necessary to paste another GDD for another skill if you already have one in your map?
First of all, thank God for Weep! I was going to make a custom attack system in GUI that would have to use the Damage Point of an attacking melee unit, or the time it would take for a projectile to get to the target for a ranged attack (Distance / Projectile Speed), to time the damage right, but now I can use GDD!!!!!

This is a kind of an old thread I know, but it's about GDD. It's not a problem for me, but something interesting I noticed. When the attack vs. armor damage factor tables in Gameplay Constants are zeroed out, GDD displays 1.000 damage being done.
I'm using GDD_Damage. It came that way ^^. I have a hunch that it's because I set attack vs. armor damage factors all to zero. I was just wondering why it could be that it displays 1.000 damage when it should show zero. Just curious. I know some people display GDD_Event so damage shows up as 0.000 then, and they come here saying "Y U no display damage?!"

If GDD_Event is 0.000 when damage is done, why would it display as 1.000?
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