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Discussion in 'Tutorial Repository' started by WarLuvr3393, Aug 10, 2006.

  1. WarLuvr3393

    WarLuvr3393 Hmmm...too many things to play (WoW, COD4, WC3)

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    Yes, thanks Rinpun. Integer A/B stuff works...about the DeadRunners...I don't really see the use of this, but I'll keep it in there anyways because something might get bugged.
  2. hey its X

    hey its X Guest

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    But you have forgotten to add a trigger for a gold generating "farm"!
    How are we supposed to mass invis farms without gold farms! lol :D
  3. WarLuvr3393

    WarLuvr3393 Hmmm...too many things to play (WoW, COD4, WC3)

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    Hahahaha!!! So funny!!!! ..not...:( Hey buddy, I don't want this to become a link to tropical tag. Sheesh. This discussion ends now, I don't want anymore posts about Tropical Tag or any other tag, because if you haven't noticed, this is a TUTORIAL not "add the trigger so we can mass gold farms!!!". Thanks in advanced.
  4. hey its X

    hey its X Guest

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    Thanks anyway, and gl on your Tauren tag. *works on gold generator* :D
  5. WarLuvr3393

    WarLuvr3393 Hmmm...too many things to play (WoW, COD4, WC3)

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    OFFTOPIC: Few updates on my Tauren Tag map. 2.4 is stepping closer to release. Check out my signature to see what's coming up!!!

    3TY.Spiky (Warluvr)

    Click the picture above to go to my Tauren Tag thread.
  6. DesuTchIanX

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    sorry... but I don't get it... please update your tutorial... huhuhuh... or just a VIDEO... hhmmmpp... step-by-step tutorial like

    please help I really don't get it... sorry for my post...
  7. DemonOfNight

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    woah, very nice tutorial, i like your introduction, realistic informations, not like in some other tut. 95/100 and +rep for you!!!
  8. WarLuvr3393

    WarLuvr3393 Hmmm...too many things to play (WoW, COD4, WC3)

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    I didn't make this tutorial for you just to learn GUI or World Editor even. Go read some newb-friendly tutorials if you don't get triggers. I can't tell you step by step because it takes a long time.
  9. WarLuvr3393

    WarLuvr3393 Hmmm...too many things to play (WoW, COD4, WC3)

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    I added a new section to the tutorial on Balancing.

    Please +REP if you liked the tutorial, or if it helped you out. Thanks.
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  10. PurgeandFire

    PurgeandFire zxcvmkgdfg

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    Nice tutorial, but I don't think you should actually "ask" for rep. :p

    That makes it seem like your desperate. People will gradually give you rep. Lol
  11. jonadrian619

    jonadrian619 -___-

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    Good tutorial..

    Hey Guys, you all know the famed Paired Mapping Contest in THW...

    I am a participant in that contest, and Diablo-DK (member of THW), is my partner..

    I'm making a new type of tag probobly like this: (a summary of both of our maps)

    Desperado Tag

    Desperado Objectivs: Evade the Desperados in 30 mins and you win. If you select Hardcore Mode, then up to 1 hour you will evade 'em..
    Teamwork is necessary, if all Desperados are improsoned, you and the team will lose.

    Catcher Objectivs: Imprison all desperados only up to 30 minutes or in 1 hour when Hardcore mode is chosen.. When the time limit passes, the Catchers lose..

    Desperados - 8 Players
    Catchers - 4 Players

    HINT: It also has AI when a player is a CPU..

    - A tag where you use a Desperado (or an outlaw), then use a variation of strategies and tactics to hide from the Catchers, which can have special abilities in high levels, making the pesky Desperados more easier to deal with.

    - Unlike all tags, this map as cool terrain, as 2-P's. I'm a terraining pro, so if you want nice terrain pictures, go to THW, soon..

    - Desperados can have also special abilities like invisibility or Duplicate, to evade the Catcher's Wrath..

    -Desperados can build turrets and defensive walls, they can also buy transports, items and tanks from merchants and war factories inside the dense jungle..

    - When a desperado dies (not literally, but meaning: given up) , he lies imprisoned inside a specific part of the Fortress (the Catcher's castle and base camp for regenerating or buying items). When a specific player has enough guts to get inside the fortress and evade the powerful projectiles of Trebuchets, Arrow Towers and Chain Lightning Towers, he can free another Desperado using the Rescue ability which has 300 sec cooldown.. When all Desperados playing are imprisoned, the Cacthers win...

    Both I and Diablo-DK am working on this map to revolutionize the way how Tag maps are played. If you are looking for a cool Tagmap, then get this map, at THW when the contest passes it's deadline..

    This tutorial will help me balance my Desperado Tag map, thanks anyways:) ...
  12. The Helper

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    5 Star Bump

    5 Star Bump!
  13. Uberdude

    Uberdude New Member

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    Can someone help me with the triggers in making a tag map? I tried to add this:

    For each (Integer A) from 1 to 8, do (If (((Player((Integer A))) slot status) Equal to Is playing) then do (Player Group - Add (Player((Integer A))) to <Player Group (Prevents a player to play a game by him/herself)>) else do (Do nothing))

    But, when I add this I can't use integer A. It only allows me to use one of the players (Player 1 - Red, Player 2 - Blue, etc).
  14. Moridin

    Moridin Snow Leopard

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    Bring down the drop-down menu and select the function Conversion - Convert player index to player. You can select Integer A then.
  15. Kira[JP]

    Kira[JP] New Member

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    Hey Thanks very much it helped a lot, but I have 1 problem I cant make taggers win because I dont understand this : Conditions
    (<Unit Group that holds the runners that are alive> is empty) Equal to True
    Which Unit group I cant see something like that help plz. Thanks!

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