Tutorial Guide to Play a MIDI file in Warcraft 3

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How to use Midi's in Warcraft

I've been reading some old threads in this forum and been trying to figure out how to make midi work in wc3 but since there was a change with PlayMusic native long time ago (or at least it seems to me) and the way TFT handles imported slk files it was confusing at first.

I've seen people commenting about w3m map utilities and other patches being able to implement midi but links were either broken or the stuff didn't seem to work (too old).

I've seen people posting about this and getting plain "no" responses or even some confusing ones so I just wanted to explain this clear for any future requests.

I've made this up for windows but it probably works on MAC although I don't have it and haven't tested it so I will explain how to do it just in windows.
I have attached a zip file that contains the files you need to implement MIDI. One of them is a .reg file and you just need to double click on it to add the necessary stuff to the registry. You can also do it manually if it doesn't work.
In regedit go to the key
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Blizzard Entertainment\Warcraft III] and add a DWORD named "Allow Local Files" (if it is not there already) then set its value to 1.

The other file contained in that zip is a slk file and you need to copy it in a sub folder called UI\SoundInfo of your wc3's folder. Usually it should end up at:
C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\UI\SoundInfo\MIDISounds.slk but it will depend on where you have wc3 installed. An easy way to do this is to just extract the whole zip in your wc3 folder (using winzip) because the sub folder path is already set for the slk file.
After doing that you might need to change a value in the slk file. Open the slk file in notepad (yes notepad, not excel or w/e) and search for the entry "C:\Windows\system32\drivers"
You have to change that address depending on where windows is installed and depending what version of windows you have.
We want to have the file to point the place where "gm.dls" file is, a file you need to play common midi files (a sound bank basically) so just change that address to the one where gm.dls is. Mine is "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\gm.dls" so I put "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers"
If you want to use a different dls file just remember to change the file name two lines below that one that reads up ' C;X4;K"gm.dls" '

After you have done that you should be ready to test if it's working.
I made the tutorial long enough for *most* people to understand (I hope at least) but this shouldn't take more than 5 mins to be done actually.

Now close wc3 if you have it open. Go to the Worleditor and in the import manager (not the sound manager) import any midi file you have (one that works). Go to the trigger editor and add a trigger called "Music" that runs at map initialization and then convert it to custom text (JASS) through the edit menu.

Under the actions function ("Trig_Music_Actions") and before "endfunction"
add the following :
call SetAmbientDaySound( "Roland" )
call SetAmbientNightSound( "Roland" )

Now you can add a line call PlayMusicBJ("yourmidifile.mid") after that and it will trigger the music in the game or you can also do
call PlayMusicBJ( "yourmidifile.mid;midi2.mid;midi3.mid....etc" ) if you have more midis. Also you can use SetMapMusicRandomBJ instead of PlayMusicBJ.
Now test your map. When the game starts you should be hearing MIDI music!

Please note that if your midi file is for example war3mapImported\midi.mid you have to type call PlayMusicBJ("war3mapImported\\midi.mid"), so basically you need to always add a new '\' next to any slash contained in the file location.

Remember these steps (except for the Worleditor ones of course...) need to be done in every computer that wants to play a game with midis that using this method... the effort can be worth though because you can make your maps very tiny (I have like 10 20-80 KB midis in one map that make the file take 80KB in total (after map Vex's optimizer compression ) ) allowing you to handle them easier in BNET and stuff (it sucks to take very long to upload a new version sometimes).
And you can always explain how to implement MIDI in your map (quest menu)... either by linking players here or somewhere else,etc.

Please note that having 'Allow Local Files' on in the registry will make wc3 use any file in its folder before taking them from the mpq's... usually you might be concerned about this if you have already done lots of stuff with the editor (specially modding it).

On a side-note I wanted to note down that I haven't been able to make this work by importing the slk to the map itself. Maybe someone figures out someway =).

Then they attach the exact file that you have. Interesting "similaraties". Fuck Salt.
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