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Well, It seems everybody's talking about this game. But what kind of game is that?


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Guild wars 2:
Its an MMO developed by Arena Net published by NCsoft(or something along those lines)
200 years after the events of guild wars 1 dragons have arisen in the land of tyria. (main goal, defeat the main elder dragon who brought a sunken city of the gods back to the surface where he currently resides)

The races include
charr (cat people)
norn (Nordic hunter/spirit worshipers)
asura (short genius people)
sylvari (plant people)

Warrior (hack and slash)
Elementalist (classic mage)
Thief (assassin characters)
Ranger (bow wielder)
Guardian (support tank)
Mesmer (support mage)

Basically the games selling point if they redid the whole MMO party/holy trinity set up so that the holy trinity (tank heal DPS) is useless in Guild wars 2, and that what would normally have been done by that kind of group can be done with a group of all DPS, or all support, or all tanks. Basically you have the tools available to you to be able to complete a high level dungeon without relying on one person taking the damage and one person healing.

Its a damn good game as well


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I have it myself and it's extremely fun; but then again it's my first 'real' MMORPG.
It's really cool how they implemented the quests as 'events' that happen, e.g:
1] There's a war between centaurs and humans, first event has you and anyone who can come to defend an important strategic point near a bridge. If humans win [you can lose LOL], then you push back the invading centaur lines into their fortress, where you will have to kill three high value targets, and if you can succeed at that, a high level ranking centaur comes in that takes forever to kill.
And this happens within 15-20 minutes, looping each time. If centaurs take the bridge, they attempt to lay a siege on a fort nearby held by the humans, and if they take over that you have to take it back. Real cool.
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