Technology Guy Made an Ad Blocker That Works on Podcasts and Radio

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    Meet AdBlock Radio, an adblocker for live radio streams and podcasts. Its creator, Alexandre Storelli, told Motherboard he hopes to help companies "develop alternative business models for radio and podcast lovers that do not want ads."

    “Ads exploit the weaknesses of many defenseless souls,” Storelli told Motherboard. “Ads dishonestly tempt people, steal their time and promise them a higher social status. Blocking them will be a relieving experience for many.”

    Most audio ads exploit "auditory artifacts" to produce an ad that can’t be ignored or tuned out because it feels louder than it actually is—this has gotten so bad that there has actually been a “sonic arms race” where ads have been made increasingly louder over the years.

    “Adblock Radio detects audio ads with machine-learning and Shazam-like techniques,” Storelli wrote about the project.

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