Hand-Drawing Assymetrical Logos and Tags

Discussion in 'The Graphics Zone' started by Thanatos_820, May 3, 2014.

  1. Thanatos_820

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    Hand-Drawing Asymmetrical Logos and Tags





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  2. vypur85

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    Nice looking tut you have here.
    I would suggest you to embed the image in image tags so that it's more visualise-able. Clicking to links can be quite cumbersome and spoil the flow.

    Is the word art in your profile picture your artwork as well? It looks awesome. :)
  3. Thanatos_820

    Thanatos_820 Death is Not the End

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    Ah, forgive me for hyperlinking the images. I was going by this thread when it came down to formatting, as there are several images involved. I'll change it now.

    As for my current profile picture: no. It's a shame though, since I don't even know who designed the logo for Disfiguring the Goddess. They did an excellent job despite using a fair bit of regular text (at least, the looks suggest it) as a base.

    EDIT: Just realized I spelled asymmetrical wrong in the thread title; got the double letters mix-matched. Oh well, not like I can change that now...
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  4. thewrongvine

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    Your post is x4 informative now. So much power.

    Neat stuff, gonna post more works you do?
  5. Demonfaze

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    This is a sweet tutorial. I'm wanting to come up with a logo for my game, so it's not quite as crazy as band art, but still I think the same techniques work. Thanks dude!
  6. Thanatos_820

    Thanatos_820 Death is Not the End

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    Perhaps later, whenever I feel like it, I'll tack up a few pieces of my own work in the Gallery.

    Thanks! I know that this tutorial caters towards a pretty specific art-style, but I'm glad to hear that it can be of some use to you.

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