Gaming Handicapped PS3 Owner Builds Frankenstein's Controller

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What would it take to stop you from gaming? If you said being bedridden, hooked up to various machines with limited use of your limbs, then you are a complete wuss. Just ask PlayStation 3 forum poster KitsuneYume, who built a PS3 controller he works with his entire body, including his mouth. While the setup won't win any product design awards, it allows Kitsune there access to 20 out of 25 possible controller functions using 16 switches and a joystick he controls with his tongue, all wired into a standard PS3 controller.

More about it here.

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How'd he build it if he's paralyzed? I'm sure it explains it in the article, but I got class to run out for.


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I wonder where we draw the line between a genius and an extremely addicted and detemined gamer?
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