US News Hard Rock Hotel New Orleans collapse: 'I don’t know where my husband is'

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    One person is dead and others are still missing after part of the Hard Rock hotel under construction in downtown New Orleans collapsed Saturday morning with what witnesses described as a rumble and giant cloud of dust. Multiple injuries have been reported, authorities said.

    Authorities said 18 people had been transported to area hospitals after a portion of the upper floors of the building at North Rampart and Canal Streets collapsed around 9:10 a.m. They were reported in stable condition. There are no reports of anyone on the street being injured.

    With tears in her eyes, Nova Espinoza stood behind yellow tape on Elk Place and Canal Street and looked at the collapsed Hard Rock Hotel construction site.

    “I don’t know where my husband is,” she said.

    Anthony Magrette of King Company was on the site during the collapse. He has not been accounted for, Espinoza said.

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