WIP Headhunters (PvP ORPG - Recruiting)

Hi there,

After a long break from WC3's editor, I've decided to get back to map making.

Headhunters is my newest project. It is a heavily PvP focused ORPG.
In it, players will be able to create a Hero and gain levels and gold by killing monsters and other players decided by the game. Sometimes, you will have to "team up" (no real teams so backstabbing is always an option) to kill other players or powerful foes.


Save/Load Code System: You will be able to save your Hero's items, skills, gold as well as other important data (player kills, etc.). You will be able to save your data at your leisure and load it whenever you start a new game. Some things will be auto-saved for "gameplay reasons". There will also be a "Quick Match" mode to disable the use of save/load codes and the game will end once only 1 player remains.

Treeless Skill System: The skill system currently implemented works as follows: you can choose any skills from any tech trees. Some skills higher within a tech tree require an investment in the same tech tree. For example, the skill "Armageddon" requires ANY 1 of each: 1 Fire skill, 1 Cold, and 1 Earth skill.

Customization Options: At first, I was going to let players choose any Hero out of a dozens of cool models but I have decided to take a different approach: everyone will start with 1 similar Hero and items will appear on your Hero and help make it unique looking this way.
Players will also be able to customize their stats and skills (skill points and which skills they choose).
There will also be custom titles for great player killers and those who have completed specific events within the game world.

- A skill terrainer. The map will happen in the forest/jungle and there will be a few small camps here and there. Some parts of the environment will be interactable.
- Spell Makers. Someone who can make spells in vJASS, preferably. Since I haven't use the editors in a long while, I don't remember a lot of vJASS and that's where you come in. The more people can help with this, the better.
- An item maker. Someone to help me make items. There will be a lot of items to make and I plan on doing my fair share of it. For this position, you need to be able to trigger things as well, since I want items to have cool properties like "X% chance to do X on attack" or "+X stats when you have all the pieces of the set".

- Modifying certain spells, terrain, and object data for balance and gameplay reasons.
- Implementing various systems (some of them are already made).
- Design, tooltips, monsters, quests, and every other object/story stuff.

I'm still actively looking for people to help me in this project.
My goal with the map is to:

- Skill based. I want skilled players to beat less skills players. Often times, in RPGs it's all about who chose the right skills and who has the better equipment. I'd like skills and eqipment to play only a minor part in a Hero's strength. Again, as I want the game to be skill-based over "commitment-based", battles between Hero's should require skills: good reflexes, timing, and strategy. Not 100% on how this will all take place yet.

- Noob-friendly "easy to learn, hard to master". In a PvP based ORPG the main problem I have is that new players may not stand a chance or may not have fun if the other players in the game are much stronger than they are because they have used a save/load code from a previous playthrough. Some things I have considered are: only make levels increase power by 10% (up to a 100% max) so it would be a small enough increase that a newer player will be able to beat a more experienced player if they are more skilled. However the more experienced player will still be rewarded with a more powerful Hero for having played more. Another option I will implement if I follow this path is make no rewards for killing much weaker players. Maybe even penalties (nothing major) like guards hunting you down.

- Sense of Achievement. This part comes with the ORPG aspect of it. Being able to save/load your Hero and get recognition for your effors in the game.

Any feedback will be great apprciated.


Dark is the heart of a corrupted man.
I very much like the idea, though I won't be able to properly test it when it comes out because of my internet.

Will there be any win conditions? Or will this be the sort of map where everybody plays until they can't progress any further/get bored?

Because I kind of like the idea of having a win condition where you would have to level up, acquire particular skills, and team up with/back stab other players in order to fulfill the conditions and be the overall winner.

But it's up to you. It is your map after all :p

The "Easy to Learn, Hard to Master" concept is a very good idea, but will be hard to do but not impossible (I mean, people like the creators of DotA: Allstars managed to do it :p). It will take a lot of detail, balancing and testing; but if you can do it, that would make the map so awesome.

In terms of the skills, I would like to offer a suggestion:
I don't know if you've played dragon Age: Origins, but when you create a new character in that game, you have a base level of all the skills. You are then given a few 'skill points' to increase any skills of your choice. Such skills in DA:O included strength, stamina, cunning, etc. Maybe you could employ a similar system and include other skills such as skills relating to fire, earth, air, etc. etc.?
Hey death_knight, thanks for the feedback.

Because I want to get a playable map out there within my lifetime, it won't really be a full on Action ORPG like I planned: there will be no quests, creeps, items, and many other features RPGs typically have. Simply because as I previously mentioned, I don't have anyone to really help me with it. Perhaps I will add those things in the future though or if I can find someone capable and willing to helping me out.
Instead, players will be able to buy new spells as they level up. The new spells will be just as powerful as the starter spells, but will add customization and play style options for players, as well as an incentive to keep playing.
Because there will be no quests, I've also decided to create 4 game modes for players to choose from: Last Man Standing, Deathmatch, Hold the Flag, and Team Hold the Flag.

On the + side...

...I'm currently working on my next-gen Random Terrain Generator, and am currently working on generating random forests. I'm not sure how the forests should be made though so I posted a thread on the Hive with screenshots of possible forests: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/idea-factory-462/type-forest-see-pics-action-rpg-218881/
Have a look at it, guys, and let me know which forest type you think would be best for an Action ORPG.

Since I can't edit my OP due to some glitch, I will post an update on how my map is progressing.

I've nearly finished work on generating random forests. Here are some screenshots below of COMPLETELY (100%) randomly generated forests.

While viewing the screenshots, please keep in mind the images are of low quality and the atmosphere isn't set (it's meant to be a night/darker forest since the game will always be set at night). As well, it's not 100% finished yet.

[HIDDEN="Forest 1 Close Up"]

[HIDDEN="Forest 2"]

[HIDDEN="Small Clearing 1"]

There are still a few finishing touches to be done on the forest generator, but for the most part, it's done so I've started working on generating random encampments. I'm also 40% through finishing generating random marshes.

Of course, once all these things are done, I'll still have to tie all these elements together, add finishing touches to the terrain, and give a chance for alternate environment (dead forests, map full of marshes, etc.).

I'll post more screenshots as soon as I feel like it and I progress on my terrain generator.

Oh, and did I mention terrain will be fully interactive? Forests are optimized to have some paths you'll be able to escape through, however, you'll have to cut down trees if you get stuck, giving your pursuiter time to catch up with you and possibly kill you. If you're fast, you'll duck behind a tree!

Marshes & Towns will also be fully interactive. I'll reveal more in the next update. ;)


As for the Game Play, it will be much simpler and have less content than I anticipated since I'm currently doing everything by myself (save the spells, thanks Mr Bean!). I've already finished the voting system for selecting game mode & options and have finished the gameplay for those game modes.

After this, I'll still have to add the spell and the RPG elements as well as a Save/Load code.

Of course, if anyone is interested in helping me with this project, it will be very appreciated! Even if you don't know how to use the editor, I'll try my best to find a spot for you (posts, threads?). Let me know!


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Well, i'm pretty skilled on most In-Editor things if you want help. I do suck on external stuff like modeling, Jazz etc.

Want me to look at anything special?
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