'Headquarters'-themed map, need opinions/feedback/suggestions!

Discussion in 'Members' Projects' started by njb013, Apr 7, 2012.

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    This will be my first map, so feedback is much appreciated! :D
    In some ways, the scenario of this map is similar to the 'Headquarters' scenario found in the CoD games.

    Due to my complete inexperience in map-making, the layout of the map is pretty much exactly the same as Divide and Conquer (12).

    As far as I can tell, you can use this either online or with computer players (though they don't seem to be all that great at it).

    • Always 6 vs 6.
    • Uses the same combat/upgrade/build system as standard melee.
    • Contains zero creeps, items and additional resources obtained by killing enemy units.
    • All items are destroyed on death.
    • Haunted neutral gold mines scattered throughout the map; claim them to increase your alliance's income as well as your own.
    • Capture enemy gold mines by destroying them.
    • Scoreboard with frequently updated scores!
    • Alliance with the most resources at the end of the 40-minute match wins.
    • Now requires The Frozen Throne.

    Completed Objectives:
    Design Gold Mine 'claim' system.
    Design Gold Mine 'capture' system.
    Replace Acolytes for Zombies at claimable mines.
    Make Zombies invulnerable/'unorderable'.
    Zombies no longer count toward food caps.
    Unit bounty awarded, heroes award items.
    "+50" Text appears above units to represent bounty on death.
    Restrict capture and bounty to enemy units only.
    Periodic messages sent with tips.
    Newly added - Multiboard with frequently updated scores!
    Countdown timer displayed in top right corner.
    Always North continent vs. South continent for better coordination with teammates.

    To be Completed:
    Refine claim/capture system (may be done, proving difficult to test with computers).
    Program claim and capture systems for all appropriate mines (only 1 done at the moment).
    Other miscellaneous bugfixes/abuse limits and optimizations.
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    I actually despise melee games but I think this sounds like a interesting take on it. It's a excellent choice for your first project.

    Good luck.
  3. njb013

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    Thanks very much! Hopefully I'll get into more custom and complex maps after this one :)
  4. njb013

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    Drawing closer to completion! Several new features were added today, along with a good number of optimizations in terms of code, making things much simpler for myself. I expect to finish coding the map either tomorrow or Thursday, and then will have the code checked for leaks (which are a completely new concept for me). I think I've managed to avoid them in the majority of my code, but chances are there are still some stray ones I'm going to have to remove before the official launch.

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