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This product of boredom bounces up and down and radiates with a bright star. Also leaves a glowy trail.
I've tried the "Billboarding" technique with this one.

Can be used as either a missle or a structure-y kind of thing. However, it might need a bit of scaling if you're inteding to use it as a unit (in the Z parameters).

As usual, I don't mind if you edit for your personal needs. Credits are not needed, but appriciated.


  • HeartOfWinter.7z
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Guess he's refering to this

Oh I see...

Didn't know he had something like that made... However, I guess it goes well together? That is, if you want it as a Unit.

I didn't have inspiration of any sorts to make this. I just designed a missle that used billborded planes instead of emitters. This being the outcome.

"Heart of Winter", just seemed appealing to me. If the moderators don't mind, I'd leave it as it is, else change it into something else.
Heart of Winter should be fine as a name, I've heard it used elsewhere. GooS isn't the original creator, and neither do I know of any trademark on the name. :p

Looks pretty nice as a projectile, would also look cool as a sort of 'freezing' effect if you let the animation play once when attached to a unit's chest.

Approved! :D
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