hehehe, Open Tech Support(USEast) people can be so funny somtimes...


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open tech support(useast) said:
kagamode has joined the channel.
<black-box@azeroth> seems like only about 1/3 of people can host them
ehoo@azeroth has left the channel.
<black-box@azeroth> isn't 6112 the only one i need
<lolabot> yeah
<kagamode> hiiiiiiiiii
axe_frost@azeroth has left the channel.
<lolabot> well
<lolabot> for me
<lolabot> i also did
<kagamode> how i port forward?
<lolabot> 6112-6119, 4000, 3724-3730, 6881-6999 and 6112 on your firewall.
<lolabot> are the ones i did
<kagamode> how
<kagamode> ?????
<lolabot> you log into your router and open them
<lolabot> completely lost at what that means?
<kagamode> wats router
<lolabot> blizzard.com/support
<black-box@azeroth> shouldn't turning off firewall work too then?
0vv1n has joined the channel.
<kagamode> wat?
<lolabot> not if you're behind a router as well
0vv1n has left the channel.
<lolabot> and in my experience, it doesn't anyway
<black-box@azeroth> which i am
<kagamode> i want kno how port foward....
<lolabot> and i told you
<kagamode> den how?
<lolabot> you're beyond my help if you dont' know what a router is
<lolabot> just go to blizzard.com/support
<lolabot> and go warcraft iii
<lolabot> then in multiplayer connect issues
<kagamode> wat? U r beyond my hepl?
<lolabot> theres "why can't people join my games"?
<lolabot> if you go there i'
<lolabot> it can telly ou how to forward
<kagamode> wich do i clik..
<lolabot> just told oyu
<kagamode> wat?
Imperial_glory@azeroth has joined the channel.
<imperial_glory@azeroth> wayne
<piesofthenorth> he just told you where to go and what to click on
<imperial_glory@azeroth> wyane
<kagamode> den wher i go?
<piesofthenorth> if that's not enough, then your retarded
<piesofthenorth> he just told you
<imperial_glory@azeroth> can anyone here host warcraft 3 ft games?
<kagamode> wtf y ru callin me retardde
<kagamode> ui jus askin4 help..
Imperial_glory@azeroth has left the channel.
Black-box@azeroth has left the channel.
<kagamode> jeez
<lolabot> if you didn't catch what i said about where to go
med.ling[sa]@azeroth has joined the channel.
<lolabot> scroll up and see my messages
<kagamode> wich 1
<lolabot> piesofthenorth, don't be rude, he's just new to this stuff.
Med.ling[sa]@azeroth has left the channel.
<lolabot> the one wher ei said blizzard.com'support
<kagamode> ya
<kagamode> ok wat bout dat?
<lolabot> the messages after that say what to click on
<kagamode> wat is blizzard.com'support
<kagamode> ?
<lolabot> it's blizzard's help site
<piesofthenorth> .access
<kagamode> k wich do i clik on
<lolabot> i told you that
<lolabot> after the first time i said the site
<lolabot> scroll up and look
<lolabot> i can't help you if you don't want to help yourself.
Whiskywildcard has joined the channel.
<kagamode> wher i clik to go blizzard.xom'support
<piesofthenorth> ?trigger
<lolabot> my current trigger is [ - ] {alt+045}
<piesofthenorth> -access
whiskywildcard has left the channel.
<piesofthenorth> -whoami
<lolabot> you are piesofthenorth with 9 access.
<piesofthenorth> -help
<kagamode> helo
<lolabot> hello
<kagamode> how i port foward
<kagamode> i jus wan no dat
<lolabot> wow.........................................................................................................
<kagamode> i com 2 suport
<lolabot> i tell you the website...
<kagamode> 4 lern port foward
<lolabot> i tell you what to click on
<kagamode> how i go websiet
<lolabot> you minimze,
<kagamode> do i nede buy sum1?
<lolabot> you click on "internet"
<lolabot> it should be in your start menu
<kagamode> i dun see minimze butotn
ptok@azeroth has joined the channel.
<kagamode> der is no x buton eiter
<lolabot> alt-tab
w.e.s.k.y@azeroth has joined the channel.
<kagamode> wat?
<kagamode> i dun see button 4 minimize
<kagamode> ?
W.e.s.k.y@azeroth has left the channel.
<kagamode> helo?
<kagamode> ru stil der?
W.e.s.k.y@azeroth has joined the channel.
<lolabot> yes
<waynemitchell@azeroth> -whoami
<kagamode> hwo i minimize ?
W.e.s.k.y@azeroth has left the channel.
<lolabot> i told you before
<lolabot> alt-tab
<lolabot> you press and hold the alt-button
<lolabot> and then you press tab
<kagamode> wher on scren is alt
axe_frost@azeroth has joined the channel.
Ivanthered@azeroth has joined the channel.
<kagamode> ui see channel
<kagamode> frends
ivanthered@azeroth has left the channel.
<piesofthenorth> wow you are !&$%ing retarded
<kagamode> create
waynemitchell@azeroth has left the channel.
<piesofthenorth> its on the keyboard
axe_frost@azeroth has left the channel.
<piesofthenorth> dumb$!@%
<kagamode> wtf
<kagamode> fu
<kagamode> k i c alt on keybord
w.e.s.k.y@azeroth has joined the channel.
<lolabot> then do what i said
<kagamode> but ther 2?
W.e.s.k.y@azeroth has left the channel.
<lolabot> ok
<kagamode> wher i prses?
<lolabot> this is getting too difficult for me
<lolabot> log out,
ptok@azeroth has left the channel.
<lolabot> go to uswest
ivanthered@azeroth has joined the channel.
<lolabot> and then go to the blizzard tech support channel
black-box@azeroth has joined the channel.
<kagamode> wat?
<kagamode> hwo i log ot?
<lolabot> they will be able to help you better
<piesofthenorth> you press
ivanthered@azeroth has left the channel.
<piesofthenorth> quit
<kagamode> wat is log out?
<kagamode> i dun wan quit i want hepl
<kagamode> y u tlel me 2 quit
<black-box@azeroth> how do i tell my router to send all info for port 6112 to my comp?
<lolabot> press quit
<lolabot> then log into uswest
<kagamode> blackb-ox i wud nto trust thes guys
<kagamode> they r not gud 4 support
<kagamode> an dey get mad 2
<black-box@azeroth> uswest thing closes at 6:00
<black-box@azeroth> o wait time diff
<kagamode> dey get 2 confusing
<lolabot> central time it closes at 8
<lolabot> so he can still go there
black-box@azeroth has left the channel.
<kagamode> y i pres quit?
<kagamode> i sed i need help
mathgab has joined the channel.
<lolabot> kagamode, right now i'm giving you directions to talk to blizzard's tech support team
<kagamode> but u no tel me how port foward
<lolabot> i'm trying to
mathgab has left the channel.
Mathgab has joined the channel.
<lolabot> buti it's getting to hard for me
<kagamode> i thot this was support tem..
<kagamode> who ru
ivanthered@azeroth has joined the channel.
Mathgab has left the channel.
<lolabot> this is just for help fropm other people
<lolabot> not the blizzard suppor team
mathgab has joined the channel.
Ivanthered@azeroth has left the channel.
Mathgab has left the channel.
C-unit-rice@azeroth has joined the channel.
<kagamode> den y it say support?
<lolabot> i'm telling you where to go for blizzard support, because i'm having difficulty comminicating with you
<c-unit-rice@azeroth> still cant host :/
ivanthered@azeroth has joined the channel.
ivanthered@azeroth has left the channel.
<c-unit-rice@azeroth> did almost everything humanly possible, im almost 100% sure its vista
<kagamode> ok so how i go place wit blizard tech support
ehoo@azeroth has joined the channel.
<lolabot> it's a channle, just like the one you're in
ahron has joined the channel.
Piesofthenorth has left the channel.
Drannor@azeroth has joined the channel.
Ahron has left the channel.
<lolabot> if you press quit
<kagamode> ok i no channle b4 i here i go blizzard tech suprot but no1 ther
<lolabot> you'll beable to select gateway
<lolabot> this is the battle.net get gateway you log into
ehoo@azeroth has left the channel.
<lolabot> it says when you go there
drannor@azeroth has left the channel.
<lolabot> to log into uswest
<lolabot> and go to the chnanel
<c-unit-rice@azeroth> yep, were in east
<lolabot> that's why i said to press quit
<lolabot> where you can change your gateway to west
<kagamode> i dun wan pres qut becus i wan help i ask wher i go blizzerd tech support
<from: C-unit-rice@azeroth> lol
kukuattack(rp) has joined the channel.
<kagamode> wher i click uswest
<kukuattack(rp)> when u are getting ready to click ok to go to your account sign in
<lolabot> you click uswest when you quit so you can change your gateway to uswest, then you will beable to connect to blizzard tech

support channel and talk to them
<to: C-unit-rice@azeroth> i know -.-
<kukuattack(rp)> but it didnt work for me sad phace =(
kukuattack(rp) has left the channel.
<kagamode> wat?
Jenisjoplin has joined the channel.
Jenisjoplin has left the channel.
<lolabot> nevermind him
taquito.god@azeroth has joined the channel.
<taquito.god@azeroth> aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
<kagamode> wher i clik uswest?
<taquito.god@azeroth> hhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeee
<kagamode> i dun c buton...
<lolabot> just told you
<lolabot> it's a gateway
<lolabot> which you select once you leave this gateway
<lolabot> by pressing quite.
<taquito.god@azeroth> i cant host
<lolabot> quit*
<kagamode> den wat gateway is?
<lolabot> this is useast
jorg-mykuhl@azeroth has joined the channel.
<kagamode> i tho we in support
<kagamode> btu i want blzz suport
<c-unit-rice@azeroth> lol
<taquito.god@azeroth> ?
<taquito.god@azeroth> ¿
<taquito.god@azeroth> ?
<taquito.god@azeroth> ¿
<taquito.god@azeroth> ?
<taquito.god@azeroth> ¿
jorg-mykuhl@azeroth has left the channel.
<taquito.god@azeroth> ¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿
<kagamode> how u make backgrund ?
<taquito.god@azeroth> !
<kagamode> ?
<taquito.god@azeroth> ¡
<taquito.god@azeroth> !
<taquito.god@azeroth> ¡
<kagamode> dat is col
<taquito.god@azeroth> idk help meh
<kagamode> n e way how i go blizz tech suport i jus wan anser!!!!!!!
<lolabot> i told you hwo to go to blizzard tech support!
<kagamode> den how
<taquito.god@azeroth> help me i cant host
<lolabot> you press quit, then you select uswest as your gateway
axe_frost@azeroth has joined the channel.
<taquito.god@azeroth> t_t
<lolabot> then you log in to ur account
axe_frost@azeroth has left the channel.
<kagamode> ok finally u shuld jus say that sheesh



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Yeah, I thought it was fake after he asked how to log out. But yeah, still funny.


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<kagamode> said:
i dun wan quit i want hepl

ROTS19, do your fingers hurt from all that typing?

Whoever lolabot is...it's a shame they didn't pull the old classic, like:
"okay to open the router menu press alt+f4"


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When somebody is that stupid, it's 99% sure that that person is making a fool of you.

That's true, it's possible i guess. it was still funny though.


ROTS19, do your fingers hurt from all that typing?

Whoever lolabot is...it's a shame they didn't pull the old classic, like:
"okay to open the router menu press alt+f4"

it was actually copy and pasted from another bot.


I have now changed this in the User CP
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wow that seems kinda fake if you don't know how to log out
But props to lolabot for mega patience


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musta been fake, how the hell did he even create an account if thats real....?


Because none of us are as cruel as all of us.
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It's obviously fake (I hope). It's just for the 'lulz' and to waste time :p


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Lol... I hope it isn't fake. Sometimes you meet people that don't have English as their native language so it is very hard to communicate with them in an intelligent way.


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Fake or not. It is damn funny at least!

Some said that it was a waste of time but it wasn't. You see how many people have actually got amusement out of it! :p


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omg lol. Best conversation I've heard in forever. I'm gonna try that. Both thumbs up on the post. I thank you for it. :)
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