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    I am working on a map that has several bosses drop a random class-specific drop. Since there are 12 classes there is a 1/12 chance that a drop for your class will randomly appear and these bosses respawn.
    However, in reality the nature of rng makes it that killing the same boss 12x does not guarantee you will get your drop and can sometimes take over 20 attempts.
    (11/12)^12 has a 35% chance of not dropping what you want
    (11/12)^20 has 17.5% chance of still failing which feels horrible to players
    SO what I am trying to do is use hashtables to build a 'memory' into the drop trigger so it cannot repeat any of the last 6 drops. That way if you fail a couple of times the odds of a success start going up and getting 12+ fails becomes alot less likely.
    Unfortunately it does not seem to be working properly and sometimes drops no item or repeats an item within 6 attempts. I posted the code below and am looking for advice on either fixing my code or how to do this better.
    Thanks in advance for the help.
     function Charspecificdrop takes integer gtype, real x, real y returns nothing
    local integer i=1
    local integer rand=GetRandomInt(1,12)
       exitwhen i>6
       if LoadInteger(rv,6,gtype*10+i)==rand then
           set rand=GetRandomInt(1,12)
           set i=0
           call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0,0,"rerolled drop")
       set i=i+i
    set i=LoadInteger(rv,6,gtype*10+9)
    if i<1 or i>5 then
    set i=1
    set i=i+1
    call SaveInteger(rv,6,gtype*10+9,i)
    call DisplayTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0,0,"drop # "+I2S(i)+", r "+I2S(rand))
    call SaveInteger(rv,6,gtype*10+i,rand)
    call CreateItem(jX[LoadInteger(rv,6,gtype*10)+rand],x,y)
    on initialize
    set i=0
       exitwhen i>40
       call SaveInteger(rv,6,i,0)
       set i=i+1
    call SaveInteger(rv,6,0,350-1) //refers to original spots in array that random item spawned from
    call SaveInteger(rv,6,10,260-1)
    call SaveInteger(rv,6,20,275-1)
    call SaveInteger(rv,6,30,335-1)

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