Help me to stop disconnecting from WC3

Discussion in 'Warcraft General' started by Gluttonous, Jun 30, 2016.

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    Not exactly a world editor question, so I figured I'd post here.

    I keep disconnecting from Warcraft 3 after seemingly random amounts of time in a specific map called Full Metal Alchemist 6.2. I've tried resetting and reinstalling the game multiple times and the issue isn't my internet connection.

    To other players, it just looks like I've left the game with no lag screen coming up, getting instantly booted from the game. Skype and whatever else isn't interrupted as I disconnect. This has been a longtime recurring phenomenon for me, and nobody else seems to have the problem with the map. It's been long enough I'm positive I'm not getting custom kicked or drophacked at this point.

    I've disabled all my firewalls. While I do use a router for my internet, I'm still connected to after being kicked and the rest of my internet functions completely normally after disconnecting.
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    Many possibilities. Could be your WC3 installation is corrupted and some file, when loaded, causes the crash.
    Or perhaps the map itself has some content which is bugged and causes a crash when instantiated. Bad 3D models are known to do that.
    There is also a chance that the map is programmed that way to kick you for some reason. Perhaps it detects that you use some kind of map hack and the developer has a system build into the map to purposefully crash your game.
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    Do you stay in the game or does the game crash?

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