"Help" Swap Hero's Percentage lifes


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Hello i created an ability based of channel and i want it to swap my hero's percentage life to the targeted hero's one, problem is that the percentage life of the opponent hero doesnt switch, i just get his percentage but he doesnt get my old one... i show u my trigger, pls help me thx in advice

Swap Percentage
        Unit - A unit Begins casting an ability
        (Ability being cast) Equal to Swap Percentage
        Unit - Set life of (Triggering unit) to (Percentage life of (Target unit of ability being cast))%
        Unit - Set life of (Target unit of ability being cast) to (Percentage life of (Triggering unit))%


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you can't swap them simultaneously, you need to save 1 of them in a variable first, this is what you are currently doing

A-> B
B-> A (you already replaced B, therefore at this point b=A already, and this step is pointless)

what you need to do:

A-> C (a variable)
B-> A
C-> B


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Sorry about, but i cant understand, could you make an example thx?

EDIT: I tried with variables, integer unit... but i dont know wich one to use :(


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The variable, A should be "Real" type

Set A = Percentage Life of Caster
Set Percentage Life of Caster to Percentage Life of Target
Set Percentage Life of Target to A
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