Help with a few abilities please! :D

Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by warcraft7, Apr 8, 2012.

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    Advanced warcraft is back agian and i need a bit of help.

    what is a good base to use for a self activated ability that increases attack speed?

    How can i make an auto on/off ability that burns mana per attack and costs mana per attack?

    How can i make an ability that deals AoE Damage per attack and is also auto on/off

    How can i make an ability that will summon a random summon from a pool of summons...and no not a literal pool lol like with variables and such

    Thats hero 1

    Hero 2
    How can i make a mechanic like fear in WoW? Meaning when the ability is casted units around the hero run in diffrent directions uncontrollable?

    Thanks for any help guys :D
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    1). wc3 orc headhunter ability berserk.

    2). Needs triggering, a little more complicated.
    (My suggestion, passive mana burn ability "feedback" from arcane towers with a trigger detecting an attack against an enemy with mana draining mana from the attacking unit)

    3). wc3 undead destroyer ability "orb of XXX" (whatever it was called)

    4). wc3 demon archimond ability XXX (whatever it was called) You can specify different unit types and only random ones will be spawned from it.

    5). very very very difficult. Dont even try to do this in GUI unless you really know your buisines.
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    hey man if icefrog can get invokers blast wave to do it why cant i :D

    basic idea was make a global region and when a unit gains a buff have it be uncontrollable and get it to run to a random point in the region wait a second and have it run agian. when the buff leaves the tigger deactivates

    but thats just an idea

    Also to 1.Doesnt that replace the unit? =/

    and thanks for the replies man
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    Why would it replace the unit?

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