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Do you want a LOAP in starcaft 2 HOTS

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    1. I have been trying to duplicate the rich mineral node but with a different art model and a different carry model but to no avail on ither of them i have changed the art model and created a new unit from scratch and mimiced all of the parts from the rich mineral node. I'm using HOTS if that makes any difference.

    2. Next I would like to learn how to import some custom models into my map and find a site to where i could steal some model ideas from other people who posted them and then implement them into a new unit.

    3. Could someone tell me how to make a spawn area where you can chose your hero/peasant and then make them spawn as that character into the full map.

    4. I have found a tutorial on how to create an uberlisk but it was a little out dated and the one i have made did not look correct ,the spine crawlers where misplaced on his back and I couldn't figure out how to fix and readjust them.

    5. I'll think of some more I will need help with in due time.

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