Hero ability - creating multiple damage levels.

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    I have a working ability, but it is created quite ehm, I have one ability with two effects:
    Level 1 Missile
    Level 2 Missile

    So now my ability contains two different missile, one for level 1, one for level 2.

    And "Level 1 missile"-effect has the impact effect field set to "Level 1 missile damage"
    And "Level 2 missile"-effect has of course the impact effect field set to "Level 2 Missile damage",

    And "Level 1 missile damage" is set to deal 100 combat damage, and level 2 to 200...

    But the problem I am having is, that this is quite a lot of work (and it will create a huge mess inside the data editor, if I have 10 heroes, 5 abilities each, 10 levels on each ability...), just for a simple ability that deals 100 damage on level 1, 200 on level 2, etc.

    Is there an easier way of doing this? Can I avoid the creation of multiple "Level 1 missile"-effects, due to they are exactly the same apart from having different Impact Effect-field.

    PS: Should mention that I've tried the other way around, adding the "Level 1 damage" and "Level 2 damage" to the ability, but then there are no models showing up... Possible to attach a model to the "Level 1 damage"-effect? (But then again the missile would probably not be working, because the effect is on the target, dealing damage...[and it would require triggering perhaps, not doing triggers yet, learning the data editor... ])

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