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this might help... there is a map somewhere called something like "extreme candy war" with an aura ability that when it is clicked changes the aura type (ex. devotion aura, command aura, unholy aura) i dont think they were the auras but it had three of them and using the ability toggled through them.


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exactly like drow ranger...
you use life steal on combat and turn on frost arrows when the target is running. This quite a mindless hero.
:banghead: :banghead: :banghead:

No its not. It's totally different. I'm not gonna get into a Dota discussion and ruin the thread, but they are very different.

>You will only choose the best orb and start shooting

And how is this any different from any other hero or spell ever invented? You use what the situation calls for. :nuts:


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I like the Quiver Ability :D One Question though, How will the player select the different types after he as learned the ability?


I really liked your skill concept. Enchanted Quivers makes the hero very versatile, I really liked it.

exactly like drow ranger...
you use life steal on combat and turn on frost arrows when the target is running. This quite a mindless hero.
Mindless? Well firstly, this isn't like Drow Ranger, and I'll stop here because I don't want to make a list of what's different. Secondly, it's not for you to decide what ability suits Hex's hero. Different heroes have different themes. Boring heroes may appear fun to others, so it's up to personal preferences. There's no such thing as a "mindless" hero unless everyone in this globe agrees it is "mindless". Thirdly, rather than saying that the hero is "mindless", comment on the skill and not criticize the skill itself. There's a big difference.

Example of commenting on a skill:
I liked your spell. Unique idea, however I believe in my viewpoint, too much orb effects may be a bit complicated. May I suggest you to either change to 2 Quiver arrows instead of 3? Perhaps some people may choose to use their preferred orb effect, but that's fine, since it's up to individual preference, and that's where the versatility of this hero comes in.

Example of criticizing on a skill:
Nah, boring hero. I find this very similar to DoTA's Drow, attack and attack. And you just change to lifesteal when attacking and frost arrows when chasing. Mindless hero as I will only choose the best orb to take effect.

The criticize example is based on your words on this hero. Do you see the difference? Criticisms are fine, but I believe you have to be detailed on it and not just say "it's a mindless hero". Don't just say "exactly same as drow". We don't care if you have a grudge against DoTA or whatever, just state clearly WHY instead of saying "OH! ITS A COPY OF ANOTHER HERO WHICH I HATE". A difference between a comment and a criticism is the tone. End of story.


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I like the Quiver Ability :D One Question though, How will the player select the different types after he as learned the ability?
The player simply clicks the ability and it will swap icons. The icon will change colour.

I sorta though this thread would have died by now =/
Still thanks for all the feedback.
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