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Rise with the Fallens!
I need a few hero ideas. I'm making an arena and the whole thing is about elements.

Elements are: Fire, water, nature, earth, ice, lightning, light and darkness.

If you have any idea fill the chart here:

**Triggered spells/abilities are more than welcome**

[B]Proper Name:[/B]
[B]Main Attribute:[/B]
[B]Second Attribute:[/B]
[B]Attack Type:[/B] (range/melee. Area of effect/none)
[B]Stats:[/B] -HP:

[B]Spells:[/B] -[U]Basic 1[/U]: -Name:
-Mana Cost:

-[U]Basic 2[/U]: -Name:
-Mana Cost:

-[U]Basic 3[/U]: -Name:
-Mana Cost:

-[U]Ultimate[/U]: -Name:
-Mana Cost:
Should give something like this:

Name: Death Archer
Proper Name: Bromer
Main Attribute: Strenght
Second Attribute: Inteligence
Attack Type: Range (600/single target)
Element: Darkness
Stats: -HP: 500
-Mana: 150
-M.Speed: 270
-A.Speed: 2.20
-Armor: 3

Spells: -Basic 1: -Name: Killing breath
-Effect: Death Archer's breath is concentrated with black magi and has as effect to deal an amount of damage to nearby ennemy units. Damage decreases with area of effect.
-Mana Cost: n/a passive
-Cooldown: n/a passive
-Triggered: YES (area of effect)

-Basic 2: -Name: Soul Call
-Effect: Calls forth souls to damage ennemy near Death Archer with such strenght that it throws them away from him. Damage and throwing range increase with levels.
-Mana Cost: 50
-Cooldown: 12
-Triggered: YES (throw)

-Basic 3: -Name: Dark circle
-Effect: Creates a conjuration circle around an ennemy hero that attack him overtime. Ammount of conjured and damage increases every level.
-Mana Cost: 100
-Cooldown: 20
-Triggered: YES (circle)

-Ultimate: -Name: Satan's Wishes
-Effect: Satan has 3 wishes; death, torture and sins. When you cast this ability, satan will make one of his 3 wishes come true. Death reduces your ennemy's HP to 1 aswell as yours. Torture inflict bleeding conditions to your ennemy units but slow your movement speed. Sins make your ennemy unable to cast spells and to move aswell as reduce your damage by half.
-Mana Cost: 150
-Cooldown: 30
-Triggered: YES (everything)
As for the triggered spells, I accept all codes, JASS/GUI and if you don't know them but just throw ideas, I'll find a way to do them.

+ Rep for all helpers/ideas, good/bad, I really need this so everything is welcome. I'll try to reply to all your ideas with positive/negative comments and criticism! :)


Rise with the Fallens!
Hmmm... never thought of that actualy :p

yeah go for it, I'll make them supreme heroes.


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Just something quick. Though the unit has a flying model, that does not necessarily mean it has to have no collision.

Model: Coatl
Sound: Wind Serpent

Name: Storm Serpent
Proper Name: Siritheer
Main Attribute: Intelligence
Second Attribute: ?? Agility, I guess
Attack Type: Range (900/single target, Instant hit - no missile speed as thus), a thunder effect is created above target on attack (you can use the doodad, or monsoon effect, or find one of many VERY USEFUL models on hiveworkshop, suit yourself)
Element: Lightning
Stats: -HP: 325 (yes, quite low and feeble)
-Mana: 300
-M.Speed: 360 (yes, very high)
-A.Speed: 3.27 (yes, high)
-Armor: 1

-Basic 1: -Name: Twin Torture
-Effect: Basically creates a chain lightning on a target unit which will hit a nearby other unit. It will then bounce back and forth between THESE two units, dealing 30/50/70 damage for 10/12/14 bounces. If there is only one unit, then the spell will be cast but it will have no effect, wasting mana and cooldown. If the two enemy units exceed a range of 600 from each other, the spell is also cancelled.
-Mana Cost: 150
-Cooldown: 22
-Triggered: Yes

-Basic 2: -Name: Shock Seek
-Effect: Every attack has a chance to create a shockwave around the hit unit which will hurt any other enemy units in a circle around it, quickly growing into a slightlier larger circle before vanishing. 2/4/6% chance. 60/110/160 damage when hit
-Mana Cost: none (passive)
-Cooldown: none (passive)
-Triggered: Yes

-Basic 3: -Name: Overcharge
-Effect: Charges up and then releases charged enemy on target unit, dealing damage and paralyzing it and units in a 100 range aoe around the unit. For every second charged deals 70 damage and stuns 0.75 seconds. Can charge for 3/4/5 seconds (so a level 3 charge of 5 seconds deals 350 damage and stuns for 3.75 seconds)
-Mana Cost: 100/80/60
-Cooldown: 16/12/8
-Triggered: Yes

-Ultimate: -Name: The Perfect Storm
-Effect: In the entire playable map area it will begin to rain. Enemy hero units will be randomly hit every 5 seconds for a random amount of damage between 200 and 400. The Storm Serpent will become light blue colored and its movement speed is increased dramatically. Its attack speed is also increased by 50% (and possible, it is now able to fly through any object). Lasts 30 seconds.
-Mana Cost: 300
-Cooldown: 90
-Triggered: Yes


You can change this now in User CP.
Proper Name:Skull King
Main Attribute:Strength
Second Attribute:Intelligence
Attack Type: (Melee. 50% splash 150 area)
Element:Earth, Darkness
-Armor:15% reduce

-Basic 1: -Name:Aging
-Effect: Every attack of the skull king ages the target making him weaken taking X% more damage.The effects stack up to 3 times and 1 stack lost every 1.5 second.The effects become more powerful and mana cost increases every level.Every attack adds 1-3 (depending on stack level) soul points to the king.
-Mana Cost:5 per hit(is passive not toggle)
-Triggered: (Everything I guess....)

-Basic 2: -Name:Soul Steal
-Effect:Its a complicated lifesteal that is depended on % difference from current mana and life of attacked unit.If any unit is killed near king 8% of his max health heals the king and adds 5 soul points.
-Mana Cost:5 per hit
-Cooldown:1.2 seconds(its passive)
-Triggered: (Everything!)

-Basic 3: -Name:Soul Unload
-Effect:Enables gaining soul points.Max cap is 100 points.When the spell is cast skull king becomes slowed by 30% ms for 5 seconds.Every half second soul points are turned into mp recovery for himself and mp cost for enemies in 400 AoE.Numbers are increased except ability last and manacost.
-Mana Cost:N/A
-Cooldown:50 seconds
-Triggered: (Everything!)

-Ultimate: -Name:Rottening Battleground
-Effect:Skull king makes the battleground (1000 AoE) a rottening prison that makes none to get in or out and affects enemy units.Foes have decreased as/ms and take some damage per second.Every damage taken by enemy 1% heals king.It lasts for 15 seconds or until king dies.there is 10% chance for king to revive during this spell.Gains 1 soul point from the number of units in the prison per second.
-Mana Cost:650
-Triggered: (Almost everything)


Rise with the Fallens!

I like your hero idea. A little overpowered but I'll weaken the whole thing by editing spells and stats. Thanks :D


Perfect. I'll just reduce the Ulti to a 1500 range aoe instead of the whole map. P.S. could you tell what is the name of those 4 icons, they fit perfectly your ideas and I'd be a fool to chose others to represent them!

Anymore ideas?


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Stats :
Strenght 22
Agility : 14
Intelligence : 13
Main Attribute : Strenght
Second Attribute : None (Low Agi and Int but Very High Strenght)
Range : Melee
Elements : Fire, Earth
Abilities :
Burning Flames

Hotkey : F
Tooltip : The Infernal engluf the target in burning flames. If it's an ally or self, it will deal damage to any enemy that attack the sielded unit. But if it's an enemy, it will deal damage each second and cause that unit to also burn enemies close to him. Last 10 second.
Level 1 - 10 Damage to Attacking Enemies, 10 Dot to Enemies.
Level 2 - 15 Damage to Attacking Enemies, 15 Dot to Enemies.
Level 3 - 15 Damage to Attacking Enemies, 20 Dot to Enemies.
Level 4 - 20 Damage to Attacking Enemies, 25 Dot to Enemies.
Level 5 - 25 Damage to Attacking Enemies, 25 Dot to Enemies.
Manacost : 100/100/100/100/100
Range : 500
Target : Self, Enemies, Allies
Cooldown : 15
Casting Type : Instant
Element : Fire

Hotkey : O
Tooltip : The Infernal summons a gigantic boulder of stone and flame from the sky, upon failing on earth, it will stun and damage nearby enemies.
Level 1 - 1.00 Second Stun, 40 Damage.
Level 2 - 1.50 Second Stun, 60 Damage.
Level 3 - 2.00 Second Stun, 80 Damage.
Level 4 - 2.50 Second Stun, 100 Damage.
Level 5 - 3.00 Second Stun, 120 Damage
Manacost : 120/110/100/90/80
Range : 600
Target : Enemies
Cooldown : 20
Casting Type : Instant
Element : Fire, Earth
Stone Skin

Hotkey : T
Tooltip : The Infernal's skin is made of solid stone, passively increasing his armor.
Level 1 - 5 Armor Bonus
Level 2 - 10 Armor Bonus
Level 3 - 15 Armor Bonus
Level 4 - 20 Armor Bonus
Level 5 - 25 Armor Bonus
Manacost : N/A
Range : N/A
Target : N/A
Cooldown : N/A
Casting Type : Passive
Element : Earth
Burning Earth

Hotkey : H
Tooltip : The Infernal causes the earth around him to burn. Causing deadly damage as long they stay in the burning ground. Last 3 Second.
Level 1 - 125 Damage/sec
Level 2 - 200 Damage/sec
Level 3 - 275 Damage/sec
Manacost : 180/190/200
Range : 400 AOE around the Hero
Target : Enemies
Cooldown : 70
Casting Type : Instant
Element : Fire


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I made him overpowered because he is supreme hero and has 2 combined elements

EDIT: all icons are from hiveworkshop.com


You can change this now in User CP.
Name: Gnome Conjurer
Proper Name: Isak
Main Attribute: Intelligence
Second Attribute: Agility
Attack Type: Melee
Element: Earth
Have a slightly lower base hp than other heroes, but instead starts with this ability:
Illusionist - Mirror image, creates one illusion which deals 0% damage and recieves 150% damage, lasts 12 seconds, cooldown 12 seconds, mana cost 45.

Mud Mark
-Effect: When Isak strikes the killing blow on any organic unit, a Mud Golem is created to fight for Isak. Mud golems last 16 seconds.
Passive, doesn't necesserily need a trigger as I think the Dark Orb ability should be enough.

Stone prison
-Effect: Can target enemy, ally or self. Creates 8 small Rock Chunks around the target, trapping it between them. Rock Chunk hp is 45/90/135
-Mana Cost: 90
-Cooldown: 10 seconds
-Triggered: Yes, and I hope you are familiar with using X and Y directions in triggers ;)

Arcane Helicopter
-Effect: Lasts 15 seconds. Like the locust ability, but summons a few gnome fly machines with missile shots (tinker airstrike spell) and Feedback! Piercing damage, average speed, 30-35 damage. Summons 2/3/4 helicopters with a feedback draining 5/8/11 mana each attack.
-Mana Cost: 100
-Cooldown: 20 seconds
-Triggered: Nope. Locust ability is wonderful as it is.

Golem mastery
-Effect: Can be cast on any mud golem created by Isak. The mud golem is transformed into a Rock Golem! % of current hp remains unchanged, but expiration timer is reset to 16.

Can also be cast on a rock golem, transforming it into a granite golem (working the same way.)
-Mana Cost: 200
-Cooldown: 12 seconds
-Triggered: Yep, but nothing complicated :)


Rise with the Fallens!
It seems you didn't posted my favourite element : Wind :)
Wind is part of nature.

I could've addes blood, nether, poison, ether, corrupted, etc. But too much is too much :p

Nice idea Necrach, I'll balance it with the others and it'll fit perfectly :D

More ideas?


Name: Occultist
Proper Name: Ania
Main Attribute: Intelligence
Second Attribute: Agility
Attack Type: Range (550 Single Target)
Element: Darkness and Earth
Stats: -HP: 400
-Mana: 300
-M.Speed: 290
-A.Speed: 1.90
-Armor: 2.5

Sandstorm - Active
Target Type - Point, Area of 500

Conjures a vigorous sand storm that rages against all enemy units caught in it. Every second, all enemies within the sand storm receives earth damage, with maximum damage received at the center of the storm. While in the storm, enemies have reduced movement speed, all allied linked visions are cut and the field of vision extends up until the sand storm area. Lasts for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 17 seconds
Manacost: 90
Element: Earth
Triggered?: Yes

Gloomy Presence - Active
Target Type - Point, Area of 350

Tapping onto her innermost darkness, Ania utilizes it to blind her foes with darkness. Foes will completely lose their vision for 4 seconds. While in the state of darkness, any darkness based damage taken will inflict 50% more damage and remove the blinded state immediately.

Cooldown: 14 seconds
Manacost: 75
Element: Darkness
Triggered?: Yes

Gabi Earthquake - Active
Target Type - Point, Area of 450

Ania channels her darkness into pure energy into the targeted area. After 1 second, the dark energy sends a disturbance into the earth, causing a earthquake, dealing damage. The amount of dark energy unleashed is unstable on every cast. A random magnitude of darkness is selected from a scale of 1 to 10. The greater the darkness magnitude, the greater the influence of darkness portion in damage dealt and the lesser the influence of earth portion in damage dealt. After the earthquake, the enemies have their vitality drained and their armors shattered based on the darkness magnitude. A greater darkness magnitude causes a greater decrease in enemies' maximum health while a greater earth magnitude (which equates to lesser darkness magnitude) causes a greater decrease in enemies' armor. Decrease in maximum health and armor lasts 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 21 seconds
Manacost: 120
Element: Darkness and Earth
Triggered?: Yes

Enervation [Ultimate] - Active
Target Type - Point, Area of 600

Using the darkness within her, Ania releases a barrage of dark elements to strike all enemies in the targeted area. The dark elements continuously strike down her enemies for 5 seconds, with a damage interval of 0.03 seconds. After the barrage ends, Ania absorbs a percentage of the damage dealt to her health. If the absorbed value restores full health, the excess value is added as maximum health for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 55 seconds
Manacost: 200
Element: Darkness
Triggered?: Yes
Uber AoE spells, anyone? :p

sylvannis mb

New Member
Art: Cyclone, possibly less grey and more transparent

Proper Name:Vindr
Main Attribute:Agility
Second Attribute:Intelligence
Attack Type: (range (500) 1 target)
Stats: -HP:Moderate (depending on other heroes)
-M.Speed:above average
-A.Speed:Above Average
-Armor:Below Average

Spells: -Basic 1: -Name:Tornado
-Effect:Creates a tornado at the selected area. All units within (Area) are pulled towards the centre and spun around, then released (time) later launching out in random directions. The spell deals (damage) per second the unit is in the tornado.
-Mana Cost: 100

-Basic 2: -Name:Gale Force Winds
-Effect:(evasion)% chance to dodge the damage of a ranged attack, and send the projectile flying towards a random enemy unit within (area) range. If no units are present, reflect the projectile randomly.
-Mana Cost: passive
-Triggered:attacked from range

-Basic 3: -Name: Eye of the Storm
-Effect: Typhoon teleports to the target, creating a whirwind around them and stunning for (stun) seconds, and leaps to another unit within 500 range. Chain lasts (chain) units.
-Mana Cost: 100

-Ultimate: -Name: Typhoon's Fury
-Effect: Throws a single unit into the air (raises flying height) and throws random destructibles at it, while fighting in the air. The total damage of the attack is (level x 200)
-Mana Cost:180

ok im not too good at balancing units, so i set them as variable for you so u can change them as u like :) hope you like him


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Perfect. I'll just reduce the Ulti to a 1500 range aoe instead of the whole map. P.S. could you tell what is the name of those 4 icons, they fit perfectly your ideas and I'd be a fool to chose others to represent them!

Anymore ideas?
just click the icons, I made it so you can click on them to download them :)

Model: Far Seer
Sound: Shaman/Far Seer

Name: Tidal Researcher
Proper Name: Depths (or Deps)
Main Attribute: Intelligence
Second Attribute: ?? Strength, I guess
Attack Type: Range (500/single target), attack missile is waterbolt or something similar with 650 missile speed)
Element: Water
Stats: -HP: 525
-Mana: 200
-M.Speed: 310 (high)
-A.Speed: 3.19 (high)
-Armor: 2

-Basic 1: -Name: Flood Bounce
-Effect: A sort of chain lightning. Creates a watery wave that plunges on a target unit, dealing damage and pushing it back about 75 range. It then jumps towards a nearby unit to which it then does 25% less damage but pushes 125 range back. Every increment as thus deals 25% less damage but adds 50 range of additional pushback. Deals 110/160/210 damage. Bounces 4/5/6 times
-Mana Cost: 140/110/80
-Cooldown: 15
-Triggered: Yes

-Basic 2: -Name: Wallowing Wave
-Effect: In a large circle of aoe around the caster, say 700 to 1000 range, waves of water are pulled toward the tidal researcher. Any units hit by a wave while they travel to the caster takes damage and is slowed by 90%, slowly regaining its movement speed over 4/5/6 seconds. Damage taken is 140/200/260
-Mana Cost: 140
-Cooldown: 18
-Triggered: Yes

-Basic 3: -Name: Gift of the Deep
-Effect: Places a debuff on a target unit which will make an ancient pillar of water take aim at it. After 40 seconds, it will reach the unit and uplift it greatly (about 800 range upwards). While being uplifted the unit can't move but can still take damage from RANGED attacks. It is lifted over about 1 second and then dropped over about half a second. Initial damage dealt is 90/130/170 and fall damage depends on the weight of the unit (collision size X 5/6/7 - normal sized hero units of 36 collision will take 180/216/252 damage).
-Mana Cost: 50
-Cooldown: 21, though only one may be summoned on one unit at a time (but two units could have a gift of the deep aiming at them at the same time)
-Triggered: Yes

-Ultimate: -Name: The Lurker Below
-Effect: Summons a leviathan from the depths to rise up at target area. The 500 aoe around targeted point will sink a tiny bit and become water if it is not a water area. After 5 seconds, a leviathan arrises (model is at wc3c under "kraken boss" but site is down atm...). It deals 150 damage to units nearby it (300 aoe range as the leviathan is really big) and stuns them for 1.25 seconds. The leviathan can summon tentacles (also at wc3c), can cast crushing wave and has Soaking Aura (uses passive icon of Lurker Below's icon), which reduces movement speed by 60% in a 1000 aoe radius. Lurker below has missiles (crushing wave model or blue dragon) with heavy damage but very low cast speed (4.16) and low missile speed (450). Lurker below can't move but has a movement speed of 1 so that his head can still turn (looks more real). Make sure to set its movement type to Hover and its height to -30 to perfectly display it. The Lurker Below lasts for 60 seconds and has 8000 hp with 10hp regen and 7 heavy armor.
-Mana Cost: 250
-Cooldown: 180
-Triggered: Only the water part, which is essentially eye candy

Synergy: I didn't point out the synergy with the Storm Serpent, but that was quite obvious. The Tidal Researcher's synergy basically involves Wallowing Wave and Flood Bounce. Gift of the Deep can be cast before combat to lower enemy hero's health, or during, to make sure they take that last bit of damage when they attempt to flee. Lurker Below is just a massive creature that will tear apart any creeps or buildings but can also be synergized with Wallowing Wave (or a perfectly timed gift of the deep) for pure win. His aura also helps to keep enemy units in range.


You can change this now in User CP.
Necrach i need to ask do/have you played Battle Realms?
Nope. Not even aware of what game that is. However, there is many fantasy worlds where gnomes are illusionists, and they are always somehow creatures of Earth. I am mainly inspired by the original D&D world.


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I have a light hero idea, and I'll surely use it, if I'll have enough time and patience to finish (and start first >.<) my map, but feel free to use it!

Model: Paladin/Arthas
Sound: Paladin/Arthas

Name: Lightbringer
Proper Name: Stephan Lassy
Main Attribute: Strength
Second Attribute: nope, maybe Intelligence
Attack Type: Melee
Element: Light
Stats: You should make them for not being overpowered

[Picture: Resurrect (Paladin ultimate)]
Tooltip : Stephan unleashes the holy light in his hammer, healing a friend or dealing damage to an enemy. The damaging or healing depends on the number of Sin Fragments stored in his hammer. If the enemy dies by this ability, it will heal every ally in 300 AoE.
Level 1 - Heals/Damages 10% of the Fragments. 5% of the enemy's full hitpoints healed upon death.
Level 2 - Heals/Damages 20% of the Fragments. 10% of the enemy's full hitpoints healed upon death.
Level 3 - Heals/Damages 30% of the Fragments. 15% of the enemy's full hitpoints healed upon death.
Level 4 - Heals/Damages 40% of the Fragments. 20% of the enemy's full hitpoints healed upon death.
Manacost : 75/100/125/150
Range : 500
Target : Self, Enemies, Allies
Cooldown : 10
Casting Type : Instant
Element : Light
Triggered : Yes

Holy Hamm[e]r
[Picture: Divine Shield (but passive)]
Tooltip : The Lightbringer's hammer is enchanted with a very powerful magic, that gathers energy out of the enemies' sins. With every hit that draws blood of a nearby enemy, this weapon is getting stronger, but if the bearer dies, every Sin Fragments are released. (Only after purchased: Currently <point> points stored. <dmg> bonus damage.)
Level 1 - 10% of damage stockpiled, up to 750 points. 8% of points as bonus damage. 200 AoE.
Level 2 - 10% of damage stockpiled, up to 1000 points. 10% of points as bonus damage. 300 AoE.
Level 3 - 10% of damage stockpiled, up to 1250 points. 12% of points as bonus damage. 400 AoE.
Level 4 - 10% of damage stockpiled, up to 1500 points. 14% of points as bonus damage. 500 AoE.
Manacost : x
Range : 200/300/400/500
Target : x
Cooldown : x
Casting Type : Passive
Element : Light
Triggered : Yes

Guardia[n] Angel
[Picture: Holy Light (but passive)]
Tooltip : Lassy's connect with god granted him a guardian angel, whose holy light blinds the enemies, causing them to eventually miss when attacking the Lightbringer.
Level 1 - 15% chance that an attack will miss.
Level 2 - 20% chance that an attack will miss.
Level 3 - 25% chance that an attack will miss.
Level 4 - 30% chance that an attack will miss.
Manacost : x
Range : X
Target : x
Cooldown : x
Casting Type : Passive
Element : Light
Triggered : No


[D]estiny Bond
[Picture: IDK, maybe Reincarnation (but active)]
Tooltip : The Lightbringer unleashes the full power of heaven, causing enemies in an area around him to move and attack slower, and degrades their armor, but strengthens the armor of allies, and grants them increased attack speed. If the spell is interrupted, damages every enemy and heals every friendly units under the effect. CHANNELING
Level 1 - 50% slow and -4 armor on enemies. 50% bonus speed and +4 armor on allies. 50% of the Fragments dealt in damage when interrupted. Lasts 4 seconds.
Level 2 - 60% slow and -5 armor on enemies. 60% bonus speed and +5 armor on allies. 75% of the Fragments dealt in damage when interrupted. Lasts 5 seconds.
Level 3 - 70% slow and -6 armor on enemies. 70% bonus speed and +6 armor on allies. 100% of the Fragments dealt in damage when interrupted. Lasts 6 seconds.
Manacost : 200/300/400
Range : 450/600/750 AoE around the Hero
Target : Enemies, Allies, Self
Cooldown : 120
Casting Type : Channeling
Element : Light
Triggered : Yes
Nerf them if any of them are overpowered, or increase power if one of them is not imba enough.

It is full with grammar mistakes, I'm not english. :D


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Name: Shadow Imp

Proper Name: Graaz

Main Attribute: Intelligence

Second Attribute: Agility

Attack Type: Melee

Element: Darkness / Fire


-HP: 375 [Low]
-Mana: 300 [Moderate]
-M.Speed: 380
-A.Speed: 1.8 [Moderate]
-Armor: 2


-Basic 1: Fireball

-Effect: Channel's Fireball to chase targeted unit dealing damage to all nearby units every second. If Fireball happens to reach it target it will explode violently dealing damage and. If Fireball' timer expires before effect, it will explode.

Damage : 120 / 140 / 160 / 180.
Damage Area and Damage ( Main ): 300 / 325 / 350 / 375. Damage: 50 / 70 / 110 / 130.
Damage Area and Damage ( Immolation) : 175 (No Increase!) 5 ( No Increase!)

-Mana Cost: 125
-Cooldown: 16s / 15s / 14s. / 13s
-Triggered: Yes! Fully.

-Basic 2: Feast on Agony

-Effect: Shadow Imp begins to Feast on Agony of the enemy replenishing his health and mana while making enemy suffer even more. Imp will target this spell into 500 AoE while it affect's on that area.

Instantly Refreshes 5 / 7 / 9 / 11% of Imp's Max. Mana and Health for every unit in area that has less than 50% / 60% / 70% / 80% / 90% and deals 12 / 16 / 20 / 24 damage from every unit in area to feasted units.

-Mana Cost: 50
-Cooldown: 20s. / 19s. / 18s. / 17 s.
-Triggered: Complitely.

-Basic 3: Void Zone

-Effect: Shadow Imp create's dangerous Void Zone at targeted point, this will affect greatly on power of units in the area and drain power off them transfering the power to imp.

Create's Void Zone of 500 AoE. While Inside "Void Zone" all enemy units will be drained by 2% / 4% / 6% / 8% Mana while Imp gains 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% Mana from every unit drained. Mana Drained from Units will also leech their health points for same amount by 1% / 2% / 3% / 4% each second. While Imp gains same amount in health. Lasts 4 Sec.

-Mana Cost: 150 / 130 / 110 / 90.
-Cooldown: 30 Sec.
-Triggered: Complitely.

-Ultimate: Mind Ravager

-Effect: Shadow Imp's ultimate spell wich wrecks up target's mind complitely, damage can be fatal dependant on targets resistance against it.

Deal's 2 /3 / 4 Points of Chaos Damage off every percentage that target is missing health. Also Drains 3 / 5 / 7 Mana off every percentage that target is missing mana. Causes' special "Mind Trauma".

-Mana Cost: 500

-Cooldown: 30 Sec.

-Triggered: Yes.

Mind Trauma: This Debuff last's for 45 seconds. If Player is targeted with Mind Ravager and he has this debuff, target will be instantly killed.

EDIT : Sorry from double post, it posted old one even it said "cant post right now." Could A mod please delete this one.
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  • The Helper The Helper:
    Happy Monday!
  • The Helper The Helper:
    new NUON forum mod cubanral!
  • The Helper The Helper:
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    Started learning how to make tools-assisted speedruns, so I'm lately busy.
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    Here's my current project.
  • O Old Mountain Shadow:
    that was pretty good!
  • jonas jonas:
    really cool! I saw the game before but always thought it's just a half as good double dragon. Now I realize it actually has a lot of depth!
  • The Helper The Helper:
    I just saw a bunch of running and jumping past all the enemies look like it was scripted as he said I guess I should have watched the whole thing. I only got a couple of minutes in. You should post that video in the forum Tom
  • Darthfett Darthfett:
    "Hi in the chat!"
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    Currently busy with making the run even better, so I'll post that new one once I'm done. Right now, I had to modify the emulator itself, the tools that makes this video, and some RAM address disassembling / reverse-engineering to get the right values, and such.

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