Defense Hero Line Wars Alpha ideas


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This is the first time I make an actual custom map, terraining shalt most likely be the main map's flaw... along with the name, which will, obviously, change.

Allright, so for those who have never played Hero Line Wars before :

Game engine

There are 2 teams of 5 players in 2 isolated, separate areas. Each player gets to pick (or choose randomly) a hero. Every area is separated in 2 "lanes" in which monsters will be spawned. The goal is not to let those monsters reach your team's circle, which is located at the end of the lanes.

Monsters are sent to assault the other team by the players at the cost of gold, like in Tower Wars and such maps. Every monster you send increases your income, which you receive every 20 seconds. For instance, if I have 20 income every 20 seconds and I send a 1-income monster, I will get 21 income next round.

Heroes have custom abilities and can buy different items to be able to defend their circle more easily.

Chat commands

-str max (or agi, int, lvl) : increases your hero's strength, agility, intelligence or level by as much as you can afford. Costs 500 per point or 20 000 per level.

-str x (or agi, int, lvl) : increases your hero's strength, agility, intelligence or level by x. If you are unable to afford x, command will buy as much as you can afford.

Hero ideas

Illidan, the Daemon Lord (Intelligence)

This is a pure nuker hero. It can deal incredibly high magic damage to many enemies at a time. However, it has low health points and deals almost no physical damage. It is also a melee hero, which makes it need to come close to his enemies to attack them physically.

Soul Burn

This is a lightning spell which deals high damage to units even if they are far from eachother. This is good when there are fewer, stronger creeps on the map, or even for kill-stealing your allies' creeps from another lane. ;)

This spell does not require coding.

Satan's Fork

This releases a 3-sided "fork" of fire, which damages every unit it touches. It is a bit like having 3 sonic slams in 3 different directions, with the shape a little different. This can be good if there are many units close to eachother on the map.

This spell's coding is finished.


This is Illidan's semi-ultimate (he gets it at lv6). This is a passive spell that gives him a % chance to create a shadow every time he casts a damaging spell. The shadow is invulnerable and cannot attack. It mimics Illidan, casting the same spell as him, sometimes on a different target if it is more wise to do so. Note that shadows also have this ability ; 2 or 3 shadows may be created when casting a spell. Maybe more if you're really lucky. The chance to trigger should increase with each level.

This spell's coding is finished.

{Insert Name here}

Ain't chosen what this one's name is yet. Anyways, it is Illidan's ultimate. It is a long-duration channeled spell. Every X seconds, a shadow will appear at a random point close to the Daemon Lord, using one of Illidan's learned damaging spells. Those shadows also have the Shadow ability. This can be very useful at the end of the game, when all of your spells are at their max level. The number of shadows this creates should increase with each level.

This spell's coding is not started.

What is new?

  • All-new team modes - teams can be randomized or players can pick their teams before they pick heroes. Random teams may or may not randomize amount of players as well. (game could be a 1v9 as well as a 5v5) [Complete]
  • Class items, which are unique to every hero, allow beginners to learn the game more easily. [Fixing Bugs]
  • All-new triggered spells for every hero, making them more original and fun to play as.
  • Original shopping system makes you able to buy items without spending an hour at the shops, so you can focus on defending your circle instead. [Complete]
  • JASS-written triggers allow smooth, lag-free gameplay.
  • Lumber system makes the maximum gold amount a player owns go over 100 000, for an even longer-lasting game. [Working on]
  • Potion system allows high survivability, without having to stay next to a Fountain of Health. [Complete]
  • Slower gameplay than Lition, for a more fun, long-lasting game.
  • Unlike many amateur Hero Line War maps, this one is written in proper english. :p

Allright, but is it going to be finished someday?

I am currently working on the heroes, which is the heart of the map.

Sounds nice... is there some way I could help you?

Right now, I am looking for hero ideas and/or spell ideas, though any other kinds of suggestions are appreciated.


You can change this now in User CP.
i love terraining :D and since the terraining contest wont end until october, i have a little time to dink around >.>

Unlike many amateur Hero Line War maps, this one is written in proper english.


This is the way it was meant to be.
Well, I've been looking around, trying to find the myriad of ideas I've posted before, but nothing except this guy.

Noob hero incoming. Click two buttons and autoattack.

Hero Name
Sharrakin, the Pandaren Blademaster
Hero Description
(Uses the Fire Pandaren model)
Sharrakin. The name is known by all as a respected swordsman inside and outside of combat. Hailing from Pandaria as a gifted warrior, through acceptance of his origins he is able to channel abilities through his swords. Made of the finest metal he could find, no matter how many victims he encounters they never seem to dull. He can unleash a series of attacks on his opponents and envelope them in flames, always making his fight a quick one. He doesn't even know when he will retire and end his fighting career...
Hero Main Attribute
Agility (Strength as a possible second choice)
Hero Spell 1
Energy Expender

In times of trouble, the Pandaren Blademaster can dredge up vast amounts of stored energy, instilling a vigor that may later come back to haunt him...

Gives +25/50/75/100% increased attack speed for 12 seconds. After these 12 seconds this is replaced by a decrease of 15/30/45/60% in attack speed which also lasts 12 seconds.

Hero Spell 2
No Mercy

As his enemies grow weaker, the Pandaren Blademaster is eager for another victim's blood added to his blade, and attacks for more damage.

Deals +10/20/30/40 damage to enemies below 50% health.

Hero Spell 3
Flare Blade

As his blades clink and clash, sparks fly, sometimes causing a combustion to spread nearby.

Gives a 10% chance when attacking to cause a 75/125/175/225 damage Breath of Fire directed straight at his attacked target.

Hero Ultimate Spell
Blaze of Glory

The powerful fires that dwell within the Pandaren Blademaster jump to life and cause his fighting skills to increase.

When activated, doubles the chance for Flare Blade to activate. Also creates small Flame Strike effects on the attacked target, dealing an extra 40/80/120 damage. Lasts 15 seconds.

EDIT: Dredged up a bunch of random spells. Mix and match, if you want.

~Throwback -- Hurls a target into an arc behind you, dealing damage.
~Blade Cut -- Deals passive damage to the sides of the hero. (Using the Spiked Carapace/Engineering Upgrade art)
~Tribal Trial -- Blacks out the screen of the owner of the target. Nearby enemies immediately start attacking it for extra damage.
~Sacrifice -- Cuts out a small amount of health, then after waiting a while regains 2x that amount.
~Collect Vitality -- Absorbs health from every nearby enemy, then recovers it.
~Nuke -- Drops a Nuke on a target point. If it isn't killed in a short amount of time, it explodes for a great amount of damage.
~Imprisonment -- Traps the area with the doodads "ForceWall" in a square area. Also silences units inside.
~Last Breath -- If an allied unit dies, a nearby ally periodically regains health for 8 seconds. If an enemy unit dies, a nearby enemy periodically loses health for 8 seconds.


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Haha, nice ideas... but this is HLW, so heroes need 5 spells. I'll just make up another one, though. I didn't need stats for them, since those would be too weak for a HLW anyways (levels should make most spells a lot stronger) and should almost all have 10 levels. I'll also have to consider the fact that there are often many units around, so every hero needs at least 1 or 2 AoE or semi-AoE spells (AoE with limitied number of targets).

Energy Expender : The first part ain't very original, but I love the second part about getting weaker for a duration afterwards. It'd need more than just attack speed, though, since pure atk speed becomes useless at the end of the game.

No Mercy : Very good idea. Damage needs buffing, obviously. But I'll figure balance as I create them spells.

Flare Blade :Perfect for a HLW. Once again, stats aren't necessarily the same.

Blaze Of Glory : Too similar to flare blade, too... synergetic. It would require the hero to get Flare Blade to use it to its fullest potential. I'd want people to figure out their own build. But the idea would be good for another map.

Throwback : Seen that one in League of Legends. It's single-target, anyways, but it just might work if I make it deal damage to units that touch the target. Would require sk1775 to use, too.

Blade Cut : Wait, what?

Tribal Trial : Haha, units are controlled by a computer... making stuff harder to see for a user would be pretty useless.

Sacrifice : Could be good for a dark hero... maybe the hp removed could be a percentage of current and the "coefficient" gets higher each levels... as in, at lv1, he gains 1.5 times health lost... at lv2, he gains 2 times health lost...

Collect Vitality : Basically a fan of knives that heals you. I've had that idea, too.

Nuke : Wait, nukes can be killed? @_@

Imprisonment : Exactly what I need.

Last breath : Good, but more than 8 health. This is HLW, after all.


This is the way it was meant to be.
Yeah, I think some of 'em just aren't going to cut it. The problem with HLW is that skills need to scale well ino the later stages. A 2000 damage nuke is powerful as sh*t in the beginning but later on becomes completely useless.

-Throwback's design just doesn't work because you're holding off a wave coming from one side, so it'd require the hero to blink into a mob of units, face his allies, and toss someone back into the mob. Nah.
-Blade Cut is pretty much Immolation on your side. You know the art I'm referring to, right? The spikes that come out of your side? Eh.
-I have no idea why I kept Tribal Trial in the mix. Maybe have it able to be casted on opposing heroes?
-Nuke being a literal nuke. I used a Mortar Team missile pointed at the ground when I made it. If the thing explodes, make a giant slow-moving explosion.
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