Defense Hero Siege (Help Wanted)


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Thought i would make a quick hero siege

I've finished the terrain (the basic part) but theres room to add things for events and such.

Made 29 heros completed all the abilities and fixed stats up.

Ive started some triggering.

Setting all random
Setting Pick mode
Setting Easy, Medium, Hard, Extreme
Setting the spawns in each lane
Setting how many lanes are opened depending on how many players are there
Setting command -openway to open more ways
Setting -random command as well
setting -reset to reset the camera since its up on a mountain
Setting Leader board for kills and indication whether a player leaves
Setting Items for hero at start like potion's / ank whatever else is needed to start off
Setting -bt1 (gives +10 stats costs 5k gold) and -bt2 (gives +100 stats costs 50k gold) (uses gold til there is none left)
Setting Defeat condition (not victory yet)

Things to do
Make certain levels change to make it harder at a certain time during the game
Make events to gain power ups / gold during the game
Making a final wave / bosses to finish the game
Set a victory (leaving this til its finished)
Pick a loading screen picture / add description
Quests in F9 to tell people commands and such
Also need to add a -repick system in
Balance things out so its not to impossible to win but still hard to beat

And Much more :p

Any ideas are welcome. For events during gameplay or if you think something needs to be added or that ive added that needs changing or deleting.

Help is wanted mostly trigger work though.

Screenie Of The Heroes Ive Made.

Screenie Of The Terrain Full Shot.

Screenie Of The Terrain Half Shot.


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I've completed all of the heroes abilities but there is room to change some of the skills since some heros have some of the same skills.

Now i need to trigger the map up and fix up the spawned units in certain places but most of them should be fine for now.

And also doing some more terrain work on the empty spaces.

Is anyone interested in some triggering work ?


Have any ideas on event's during the map or tings in that nature that arent the same as x hero siege and stuff.


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Ive added new screenie for a battle royal arena (everyone in the game vs all the heroes they have) winning gives u gold

Also having mini event that everyone can do once to get stats / (gold from kills)
having to kill a certain ammount of monsters in a certain time (picking between 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 minutes and killing 50 60 70 80 90 100 monsters) 1 minute and 100 monsters being the best prize etc.

i havent spiced up the new screenies with doodads or anything but that will be coming soon

Im still looking for someone to do some triggering work.

Next step will be finding a good loading screen image + adding description to loading screen.


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okies well ive made more progress on the map

ive created the all random / pick / -random of getting heroes plus added dialog's at the start for player 1 to pick mode easy medium hard or extreme and allrandom or pick hero.


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I don't think Shade is a good hero model since it has no "attack" animation...May be you should change it into something else...:)
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