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I will soon release my next map, Hero Smash 4. im completely re-doing the terrain. i will also be making a large range of heros (20-25) as apposed to my old selection of four. i will be tweaking the events, and yes i will be finding a way to get the music in thier! :D. over all, it's going to be a new hopefully playable version of Hero Smash. i've startes on it and from the looks of it this is going to take a while! any hero suugsetions up to #25 will be used in the game. and if you make one the name doesnt matter. with all this work ahead of me i guesse i shoudl probly get started! good luck to all of you and your projects! soon to come below are some links to my old projects 1-3


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Ever think of doing something different?

And for the love of God, do NOT USE THE DAMN MUSIC! IT'S TOO DAMN BIG!


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So your music makes your map?

If so (as you have been implying), your map=your music.

However, if I don't like you music, your music=crap.

Therefore, your map=crap.

Either that or I'd turn the music off. Either way, I wouldn't be listening to it.


not always.
it sure made my new starship troopers map a bit more humerous with the song "trigger happy"


Yeah, music is great. Especially in Defend the Lich King. It's that crappy music.

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MasterOfABCs said:
sargon! yay!!! some one finlay understands. music is everything.
You apparently missed the point. Or at least, I think his point was WAAY different.

You're depending too much on music, and guess what? Music is just too damn big, at least CD type music. Getting a short clip of some MUSIC, not a SONG with words, but MUSIC and repeating it would work. (The reason I say no words is because repeating the same words for 30+ minutes will drive anyone insane)

Music really isn't that big a deal. I don't even have my music up for WC. I listen to my media player instead. You think your music kicks butt, huh?

I don't care. I like MY music. Therefore, I listen to MY music.

It's not worth the huge size increase, but if you won't listen to REASON, then I just won't try to enlighten you, then.

Oh well for you, kid :)

Last I have to say about the topic.


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Make sure to make your music ambient sounds and in the sound portion of the game so Alexander can't turn it down and it blocks out his music!
kewl. lookin foreward to the new heros....and plz take out the huge music file and replace it w/ somethin else...(dl the Windows Media Encoder 9 to help reduce the size)...wait..does WE even take wma?...well if it does then use that...saves about .5-2megs but if not then just use another, smaller song...
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