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    Language:Vietnamese, English
    Category: Hero Arena
    Suggested Paleys: 10-10
    Map Size: Medium
    Tileset: Random
    Terrain: Random

    Author: master_minhduc

    † Features
    More than 100 Heroes
    More than 100 Item Elemental
    Anti hack map 100%

    † Some other stuff about map
    My makes maps Different
    Anti hack map: 50% --> 25%
    3 MODE: -ar, -ap, -sd
    2 Gameplay different in 1 map

    Update map: 21-12-2015

    † Code Check map (Check map add cheats!)
    _MD5: 117e95f759b41340ac5fae8c2a7d95f4
    _RIPEMD160: 0fd2221e7e75d8b632355f942f50d86c84cb5477 ( Good! )

    Using Software Hashcalc to check MD5 and RIPEMD160

    Map type Hero Arena!
    _ Team was reached ahead score, the winning request. Each time killing 1 Hero is rewarded 1 point!
    _ Ex: -score 40. Host has selected score is 40. Let scores this request before to win!
    _ Elapsed game time is 30 minutes, match time is over! Which teams have the higher score will win!
    _ Level 8,16,22 award 1 Gold
    _ Random Item every 60 seconds of game time at 8 Position on map.
    _ Random Item when kill 3 creeps at 8 Position on map.
    _ Etc...there is so much to describe
    _ Press F9 in game to see more everything

    _10 types of elementals:
    Water, Fire, Metal, Forest, Earth, Time, Hole, Space, Dark, Light
    _Each elemental has different characteristics and private Item in Shop Element
    _Random: Terrain, Doodad, Building, Boss Elemental, Item....
    _Anti Hack: 50% ( Exclude: Show Icon Hero on minimap, Show Illusions,... --> next version)
    _Ban list: Haker, Quitter,...

    FATAL ERRORS --> Cause: Font (exclude trigger, model....)

    My maps use Font VNARIAL (Original Font!!!) (map: GoH of dragon fly team, map Hoth of DH-G, map LLS of K3_Posh...)
    1. 100% Fatal Errors: If you play other maps first maps that use Font (ex: VNVOGU - map Divide and Fight) --> Font Errors!!!
    2. sometime Fatal Errors: ??? You Play unknows maps first?

    Alert: Exit warcraft --> open warcraft again --> and play my map first!

    Screenshots and Videos
    1) Terrain Screenshots


    2) Gameplay Screenshots

    Choose Herores:

    Private Item:

    Random Item every 60 seconds of game time at 8 Position on map:

    Random Item when kill 3 creeps at 8 Position on map:

    3) Difference gameplay

    - Gameplay: Dragon Knight!


    c.Dragon Knight!

    - Gameplay: Dragon BOSS!





    † Download:
    Heroes Elemental 26.12 (English)

    List Hacker Việt Nam (Account Garena): List Hacker Việt Nam

    My Blog: master_minhduc
    Source: Heroes Elemental
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    Update new version!
    Update list Hacker Việt Nam (Account Garena)!
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    Update New Version!

    Change Log: Heroes Elemental 13.10 - E

    I - Added:
    1. New Hero: Black Point!

    2. Show Physical Damage, Spell Damage!
    - Physical Damage
    - Spell Damage

    3. Creep Auto Move: to random point!

    II - Removed:
    1. Removed Doodad cause lag!

    Update New Version 21.12.14!
    Add: _ New Item Sphere Of Void
    Removed: _ System show Damage
    Changed: _ System Cause Damage original of Warcraft
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