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Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Ghostwind, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. Ghostwind

    Ghostwind o________o

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    Has anyone played this game here? I have plenty of beta keys, so if anyone I give a shit about wants one I'll toss one their way.

    It's basically DotA. Cloned exactly, except with better graphics, and they're working to make better systems as well. There are also new/edited heroes.

    So you might say OMG WTF WELL WE HAVE DOTA, but this creates an opportunity for DotA to stop being a mod and become a game of its own, which is great, because all of the constraints that previously stopped DotA from reaching its full potential are lifted. Now it can actually become a game of its own.

    Then, you might say OMG WTF LEAGUE OF LEGE--, at which point I shove my fist down your throat. LoL is not DotA at all, it's a separate game with some similar features. That's not what the DotA community wants, anyways; the DotA community wants DotA V2.0, which is essentially what HoN is.

    Oh, when this game gets big, DotA will stop flooding the custom games list as much as it does now. Hooray. :thup:

    Thoughts on this?
  2. ElderKingpin

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    ill try it! :eek:
    it seems relatively new because the site has nothing
  3. Jaujarahje

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    Tried it, being still in beta many heroes have op moves. I'm sure it will be a great game when its full version, but being beta lots of unbalances
  4. Renendaru

    Renendaru (Evol)ution is nothing without love.

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    I personally like LoL a lot better than HoN. HoN is too much of a clone, some of the graphics are actually worse at times. While LoL is a game to its own, just of the same genre.
  5. thewrongvine

    thewrongvine The Evolved Panda Commandant Staff Member

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    HoN is just for fun, I mean like, a more advanced DotA.
    LoL seems more like a real game.
    Can't believe HoN is going to charge money for the game though?
    I like how HoN, you can re-join your game if you disconnect or something.
    But heroes are pretty unbalanced, lol. Like in DotA, ^.^

    LoL will own HoN, lol...

  6. Renendaru

    Renendaru (Evol)ution is nothing without love.

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    There's been rumors that LoL will include a reconnect feature of its own, but who knows.
  7. Tru_Power22

    Tru_Power22 You can change this now in User CP.

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    Eh, I like it. Will be interesting when he starts making some of his own heroes.
  8. 13lade619

    13lade619 is now a game developer :)

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    wut? an utter dota clone? same items, same stats for each item, same heroes..
    same locations of STUFF..

    at least other clones have variation.. bleh..
  9. sqrage

    sqrage Moderator Staff Member

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    I thought it already did...I remember someone reconnecting after they dropped.

    I haven't personally tried HoN but I've played LoL. And I've kinda grown out of the whole AoS type game now so I doubt this would appeal to me.
  10. codemonkey

    codemonkey Code monkey not crazy, just proud.

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    I've got it, my username is XCraft btw.
  11. Ghostwind

    Ghostwind o________o

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    I like how it's a clone. It's better that way, imo.

    Everyone I've talked to from the DotA community thinks LoL is a joke. It's not going to go anywhere.

    Why do you want variation? DotA has come so far, why abandon the excellent progress it has made just to be "original" when you're really just making the same game with different features?

    Also, it's still beta; as the beta goes on, the game becomes more and more separate from DotA. New heroes, new maps, edited heroes etc.
  12. Viikuna

    Viikuna No Marlo no game.

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    LoL is a joke. If you have seen those spell descriptions and tooltips, you know that those guys dont really know what they are doing.

    And HoN being a exact copy of DotA just shows that those guys making it got no imagination.

    Or, maybe not that. This tells us lot about DotA actually.

    They could just take everything that works from DotA, improve it and make it more cooler, but they dont.


    Because the idea behind DotA is that players need to memorise all the weird and unlogical shit in that map in order to be good. ( It makes them "pros", even they really arent good players )

    The weird unlogical shit is caused by limitations of wc3 engine and mix of object editor and triggered abilities and IceFrog who is focusing on some unessential shit like local water colors, instead of fixing this gameplay stuff that actually maters

    For example some triggered spells dont get blocked by that Linkens Sphere, spell blocking item. Some triggered effects work on magic immune units when object editor stuff does not.

    Some over time effects are buffs, some triggered effects. That one spell of Sea Giant removes only buffs. Again there is no other reason for why it removes some spells and why not others, other than the fact that some stuff is coded and some stuff is not.

    There is no logic in workings of these abilities. You need to play DotA couple hundred times to memorize them all. so you can take advantage of all this weird unlogical shit.

    Items are other example. You dont only need to memorize all the repices, but also know which items you must buy for your hero. Again, noobs cant know this, even if they are really good at AoS maps at general and master all the skill elements of game, like timing, aiming, micro and whatever you need to be good.

    The conclusion is that DotA requires little skill and huge amount of work, so you memorize all the workings of the map. You need to learn which heroes suck, and which heroes dont. You need to learn which hero combinations work, and there is actually quite few of those, sicne there is some many many heroes in that map.

    The reason why IceFrog is piling new loads of shit in top of old shit, without fixing the stuff that doesnt work, is because it would kill all those "pros" and undo the hard work they have done.

    IceFrog should remove broken concepts like last hitting and denying, but he cant, because it would make all the pros who have practised that stuff really, really mad.

    This is actually a pretty interesting phenomenom and it will be interesting to see what it leads to. It is same story with Starcraft actually. Pros dont want all the new fancy stuff like unlimited selection for Starcraft 2, because they have done so much hard work to master the limitations of original Starcraft.

    If this is what sells games these days, it means that there will be less original, stuff in the future and more competivite stuff for Korean nerds.
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  13. Im_On_56k

    Im_On_56k Hm...

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    I enjoy playing HoN once in a while. It's not amazing; rather filled with endless bugs, but still enjoyable to play.

    The one thing though I do hate about HoN developers is they assume what is in DotA is perfectly balanced. Thus they make no changes or even doubt if it needs to be changed. A huge chunk of DotA is imbalanced, but no one challenges the fact it is or else they get flamed.
  14. Renendaru

    Renendaru (Evol)ution is nothing without love.

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    >Viikuna: You don't seem to realize that you're basing your assumptions off DotA, but LoL is a game to itself...
  15. thewrongvine

    thewrongvine The Evolved Panda Commandant Staff Member

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    I think HoN is a bit more balanced. The heroes are 90% the same as in DotA but a bit different. 50% of the heroes have 1-2 changed spells, or altered stats, mostly being nerfed. I find some of the aiming spells like for PotM, ES, etc weaker. It's till so unbalanced, but a bit better than in DotA, :D. And there are custom heroes HoN made themself, not in DotA. I think 2 or 3 of them right now, and they are still adding more heroes. And it's fun looking at new effects, :)
    And I can be ownage with any hero, :p

  16. f34rl355

    f34rl355 New Member

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    beta key


    hi if it is possible could some1 plz send me a beta key for Heroes of newerth it would be greatly appreciated. plz send to f34rl355m4r1n3@gmail.com
  17. Samael88

    Samael88 Evil always finds a way

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    This is the third game from S2 that I have applied for a beta key for, and the first one I got it on:)

    I don't like "the map that shall not be mentioned", but this game looks pretty good and it also has some promise since it is from S2, and they know what needs to be done to make a game good;)

    And this is from a player who enjoyed both Savage and Savage2:)
  18. seph ir oth

    seph ir oth Mod'n Dat News Jon Staff Member

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    I totally prefer HoN over LoL. LoL has grown to become too noob-friendly (no denying, spell circle range) for my liking.

    Long live HoN!
  19. thewrongvine

    thewrongvine The Evolved Panda Commandant Staff Member

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    But LoL is a real game. HoN is a sort of like an advanced DotA... and then they charge $30 for it, lol.

    Okay then, Long live HoN! (until it comes out and costs money!)

  20. Samael88

    Samael88 Evil always finds a way

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    Could not have said it better myself;)

    I just tried it, and I like the game itself, it got some nice finesses and a prefferable thing with HoN, if one compares it to LoL, is that it does not require much of a comp to be playable:)

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