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I still don't get why it heals.
Why does stamping a hoof in the ground cause nearby people to die?
Why does waving a stick into the air make wolves appear?
Why does doing some hand-motion to your enemies cause them to sleep?
Why does spinning around in a most ballerina-like fashion wreck havoc?

Warcraft III is full of strange phenomenons, this is no different.


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Ancient Chinese secrets, Sevion.

This explain why it heal...:p

Actually, why should we stick to the common basic. After all, we want it to be unique and original idea.

After all, the title of the spells explain why it heal.


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Is there any particular reason for stuff like this?
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    • Set LEVEL = 0
    • Set HS_Formula = 0.00
    • Set HS_Shits = 0
    • Set HS_Hero_Decoy = No unit

The globals are user-defined globals (udg) so they don't need any particular "nulling" (destroying and nulling are different things). Integers don't need to be set to 0 because they are not handles, so they don't leak and they can just be overwritten. And the decoy doesn't need to be set to No Unit because it is a global, so it doesn't need any particular nullification. (Locals do, but globals don't) So you don't need to worry about it, it can be overwritten without leaking. ;)


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Well it's not needed to be set that way...

But i modified the spell for him and as u can see all my spells at hivewrokshop.com are
set like this and does not leak or do anything so it's ok to set them ....


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Do you seriously expect someone to use a spell which summons crap in their map? ._.


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i would never lol :p
maybe if someone was making a map based off gross ideas


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Do you seriously expect someone to use a spell which summons crap in their map? ._.

They could change the model, spells title, description and effect to their own way. Just because of how the spells was currently present, it doesn't mean a user have to follow the entire concept of it.

This spells was develop for humor type map. After all, your guidelines said "Be original"

And if you have creativity, you could even use this spells to develop some maps.

Honestly enough, do you want to see the usual spells that follow the same theme all over again at here with the same overused sfx?
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