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Holy War – The Immortal Treasure

Thousands year ago, in a mystical land, an Immortal Treasure was dropped in a lost temple. Nobody could find it. The Immortal Treasure was forgotten until The Great Oracle said where it was dropped. The demon lord Lucifer decided to take it by his mighty demon army. The Grand Wizard ordered some heroes to protect the immortal treasure and find the way to destroy it because they didn't have enough power to fight against Lucifer and his mighty army.

And the Holy War began ....
The immortal treasure

The immortal treasure is a blue fire torch - an eternal flame. Everyone burned by this flame will become immortal and have the strongest power. Lucifer desired to possess the immortal treasure because he wanted reign the world and sow the terror on humanity. The Grand Wizard wanted destroy it to rescue the world but The immortal treasure only can be destroyed when five Holy Relics are collected and Tyrael Soul is immolated.

Five Holy Relics include:
+ Eyes of Judgement
+ Hands of Creative
+ Brain of Intelligent
+ Legs of Toughness
+ Heart of Courageous

When five Holy Relics are collected and Tyrael Soul is immolated, Tyrael - The Holy will be revived and use his own power to extinguish the eternal flame.

Eyes of Judgement

The eyes of Slardar - the Keeper of the Sun Gate. These eyes can see through all worldly things and solve them fairly. Although Slardar has the Eyes of Judgement , he still get stuck with his greed and selfishness instead. He pillaged all villages and dispossess their assets, staying in a small cave by the Sun Gate.To get the Eyes of Judgement, there is no way else than to kill him.

Hands of Creative

The hands of Darchrow – The most flawless and skillfull blacksmith. Under his hands, nothing can’t be made, by the strength of Anvil, and bring life to souls. It’s the Hands of Creativite. But not for free. His gift is to make Demons with no soul and heart. To spread Fear on over Mystic Land. This hands is too strong for those are too weak to seek. Once obsessed about it, there’s only one way to get : finish him and take the hands by Stone Axe. No weapons else can.
Brain of Intelligent

Ezalor, a Dark wizzard, is having a Brilliant Brainstorm. Legendarily, he had stole Wise Fruit and assumed it, so his brain became Brain of Intelligent. But only bowing under Lucifer, the Brain working on creations of Dark Magic and Shadow Charm. Becoming one of the Finest Assistant of Lucifer, He lives in a Shade Bastion, next to Haunted Jungle. You must succeed in defeating his wisdom and make him to hand over his brain if he falls in his own traps.

Request: This is my unfinished story of my map! My map is being developed. I hope you can help me to give me new ideas. ^^

Map description:
This map is a defense map follow a storyline. You must protect the village from the attack of Lucifer and finish all quests. When the Immortal Treasure is destroyed, you win the game!
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