How do i limit max heroes?!


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Im confused with it. im new to world editor. all i need is that and my map is no longer a beta please help me ive tried many ways. i just want to make it to where after u train 2 heroes you can train anymore please show me what to do. Ive looked at other posts like mine but no help. i just want a step by step thing to do made for a newbie to it. :confused:
Download a dota template. Here is one I found. There is a trigger that limits you to only be able to pick 1 hero.
Don't make the same thread twice. The admins are serious about their rules. Hope I helped you...
Hey. I found how to fix your problem, go into trigger editor (F4) create a new trigger and do that :

Event : Map initialisation
Condition : /
Actions : Player - Limit training of Heroes to 2 for Player 1 (Red)

If you want that for multiple players, just use a loop ^^
i did that but it didnt work i did. game initial then i did play group then i did loop then i did limit to 1 for all players.
Also you could set the requirements for a third hero (in the object editor) to something that doesnt exist, like a farm called "YOU TO GTFO MY KITCHEN" so that after two hero's it would say
That doesn't make any sense... You posted the second thread 1 minute after the first one... This is a forum, not an instant messaging conversation.
what the heck i did? i didnt kno... sorry im new to it. i just joined to ask about this. is there any way i can delete it?
No, only a moderator or administrator can do it. Don't worry about for now. Just try not to do it anymore. At any rate, we're way off topic.
normally i would do somthing like make a farm and name it no more heroes but i have more then 1 hero so it wont work.
Yes, infact the simplest thing you could do is do it with food. At the beginning set each player's food cap to 2 and in the object editor find "food cost" and set it to 1. This would only work though if none of your normal units use food. Also make sure no units produce food otherwise the limit would get spoiled. You can also change the message that appears when trying to produce more than 2 heroes. Go to Advanced > Game Interface and find Text - Message "Build more farms" , click "Use Custom Game Interface" and change it to something like "Can't Produce more than two Heroes". Also go to "Sound - No Food" and change it to Error Message.
i thought of that already but im thinking of changing it. i may actaullly do that cause i hate triggers.
i did it the lazy way and did the popullation thing cause i hate triggers with the passion. thank you all of your help.
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