How do you gain access to one image in a .dds file with multiple images?


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I'm not an artist, but I felt encouraged to mod because Blizzard has provided tons of art in the editor. The problem I'm encountering is that whenever I find a piece that I like, more often than not it's a deconstructed image where the pieces are tiled together, or the icons I want are tiled into one .dds file.

I can't seem to find any function that allows me to crop images to a specified set of dimensions. Can anyone tell me how to do this? It's driving me crazy. It seems like something that would be so simple.:banghead:

P.S. I'd also need to know how to rotate and scale, if you do find this info.

Thank you in advance.
hmmm not sure what your aiming to do. if its just changing color of parts of a dds i think you dl a plugin to allow it to be opened in adobe photoshop i think.
dont think you need to resize it for any matter. im not sure if resizing will have an effect on the dds that is placed onto units but it seems that if you change its scale the dds that goes onto units might be messed up. i havent researched into it but maybe. but ye think ya need a plugin to manually edit dds.
thats as much as i can so on that topic.
since i havent really done it but have seen a few topics around vaguely similar and no body else said anything :S
Here's an example of what I mean:

img_button = Assets/Textures/ <File - Image>

All this is, is a variable set to File and then Image. If you look at this specific .dds you will see that it has two deletefile buttons stacked into one image. The normalOver is on top and the pressedOver is on the bottom.

What I'm trying to figure out is how can I just grab one of them? There are other examples if you look at some of the frames too.
It's a bit tricky, but the only way to do it is like this (if I remember correctly):

You need to create a new dialog. Set it's background to invisible, if you want to. Set it's size to exactly the size of one button of that .dds.
Create a new image item inside that dialog and give it your desired image.
Now you need to move that offset that image by a certain amount so that only your desired area is shown.
E.g. you'd have to move it to (0,-100) if each button would have a height of 100.

Blizzard itself is using it differently for their stuff, I think. But they haven't exposed the API for us (if there even is one. Probably there isn't.).
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