How do you rotate units/objects in editor?

Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by ADuckOnQuack, Aug 22, 2009.

  1. ADuckOnQuack

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    im dumb ive never found out how to rotate a unit before placing it. please help!
  2. Avaleirra

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    Well, if your placing a bunch of units you can rotate them all at the same time :D

    Sorry wasn't very helpful :(

    EDIT: and I'm almost 100% sure there is a preference you can change somewhere
  3. XDogg

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    control left click thats after placing it ... why would you want to rotate it before?
  4. Moridin

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    To rotate units:
    1) Place the unit(s) where you want it to be.
    2) Tap the spacebar to allow selection of units in the editor.
    3) Select the unit(s).
    4) Ctrl + Click in a certain direction. All units selected will face that direction.
    4) If you want the direction to be exact, double click the unit(s) to goto an option box where you can set the unit(s)' facing angle.

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