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Hey guys...

i just wanna know how far you guys are...

i'm at the skeleton king at difficulty nightmare at the moment and i have to say nightmare is a real nightmare. :D its so much harder than normal that i really have many problems to kill normal units^^

so how far are you?

greetz happy

p.s. add me ^^ claptomanic#2726
The quest right after the skeleton king (with the kazra den) on NM

also rares on NM are deadly
Sin Hearts on Normal mode

So far I find Nightmare rares better than Hell rares.

Also now on Hell mode, Act 1
So i finally reached inferno on my barb yesterday. Proceeded to die shortly afterwords. shit, is, HARD.
51 hardcore here.

My heart stopped beating a couple times when I was about to die, but still alive :D
:| Act I Inferno. Just about to enter the dungeons after Leoric's Manor.

Getting my ass raped by the Elites if I don't kite well enough.
I'm with my nerfed Demon Hunter at 60 at Inferno act 2 and too lazy to lvlup other :( sorry Nes if I leave you in the process lol

So yeah...
wow nice

currently have a 55 wd and a 33 wizard, and a 60 barb.

i braved act 2 inferno on my barb now that i got him some more stuff. i made it to alcarnus and whatnot and found that not too hard. the second half of act 2 though... dear lord i get 2 shot by elite snakes, and i got 8-9k armour, 800-900 resists, 35k health and 250 lph :[
Right off the batt Hell blues are blowing away some of the latter game yellows I was finding in NM. I'm 52 right now in Act 1.

Blues are blowing away even Legendaries most of the time.
Never discount a blue simply because it is blue. I used a rare I bought from AH for a while, when in Act 3 hell I was in town about to sell my full blue inventory and something caught my eye. A blue that upped my damage by around 1k with a socket. Blues have the ability to surpass even yellows at times
Alright, time for act 4 inferno on Hardcore


Really, Blizz really needs to fix this stuff...
Level 60 DH, Level 60 Barb, Level 54 Wizard, Level 40 Monk.

I had a level 50 HC Monk, but got a lagspike right as I engaged an Elite pack and died. I'm sticking to Softcore until my steam cools off. :p

I finally beat Inferno Belial after about 100 attempts yesterday. Got to Act 3, and I can't go more than 5 feet without dying. :(

Needless to say, I'm excited for 1.03.
Lvl 60 DH on act 2 inferno, level 48 Monk I believe on either act 1 hell or act 4 nightmare, level 12 WD, level 25 barb, level 4 wizard
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