How not to write a thread title

Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by AceHart, Aug 10, 2008.

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  1. AceHart

    AceHart Your Friendly Neighborhood Admin

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    Here's a compilation of the currently most used thread titles:

    - Help
    - Help quick
    - Quick help
    - Quick question, help
    - Help me
    - Help me quick
    - Simple help
    - Simple help quick
    - Quick simple help
    - Problem
    - Trigger problem
    - Quick trigger
    - Fast trigger help
    - Really simple trigger, quick help
    - JASS problem
    - Quick JASS problem
    - Simple JASS quick
    - Quick problem JASS
    - My trigger doesn't work
    - My problem doesn't quick
    - Quick trigger shit
    - What is this shit
    - What the fuck is up with this shit
    - What the fuck are you shitters waiting for to do my map this instant, fucking assholes

    Besides the simple fact that the forum's posting rules clearly state otherwise, what are you actually expecting when posting something like that?
    "Quick URGENT shit" doesn't explain anything.

    You're looking for help, right?
    Then describe the problem. In great detail. No one cares how cool you are insanely simple, yet deadly important that really quick, very easy problem is...
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  2. cr4xzZz

    cr4xzZz Also known as azwraith_ftL.

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    > - My problem doesn't quick
    That one killed me... Sorry for useless spam.
  3. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

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    Thanks for this AceHart. Recently I have seen an enormous amount of thread titles similar to what you have given us. I also find it really annoying when people do a title all in caps to try and get more attention on it.
  4. Faust

    Faust You can change this now in User CP.

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    I contributed some to the retardtitle pool yesterday, and I'm ashamed :(
    Sorry people :(:eek:
  5. Andrewgosu

    Andrewgosu The Silent Pandaren Helper Staff Member

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    Just a tip to anyone who reads this:

    Your thread title should explain your problem in five words, maximum.

    Like in the English grammar tests where you have to fill in the blanks using up to five words.

    Short, but descriptive is the key.
  6. Jedimindtrixxx

    Jedimindtrixxx ┻━┻ ︵ ¯\(ツ)/¯ ︵ ┻━┻

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    you cant do it all in caps btw, the anti-caps thing is on where if you try to do it all in caps only ur first letter is caps
  7. Don

    Don Rise with the Fallens!

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    To complement with andrew, a way to inscite people to come is including [pictures] or [screenshots] at the end of your post, people and reading = bad, people and looking = good. Attract people when you can with pictures or screenshots of your problems.
  8. Lobster

    Lobster Old Fogey ofthe site

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    is that nessasary on art galleries?
  9. Xapphire

    Xapphire Liberty, Simply said; a lie.

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    It is never required, it may be necessary if your problem would be easier to solve with a visual. But in general, people will get to your problem, we have almost like 50 people looking at the Section every minute, trust me, at least someone will get to your question either way, so please use grammar. You aren't more important then anyone else around here, unless your Acehart, or Seth, or Thehelper.. :D
  10. vypur85

    vypur85 Hibernate

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    > [pictures] or [screenshots]

    Just... just... don't print screen your triggers and post it here. =.=" You can just copy as text. Attaching as picture will take longer time to load and sometimes it's harder for people see or to select some text from the trigger... It's just annoying... To me, posting an non-tagged trigger text is not as bad as posting a picture.

    For post#12:

    > i didnt meant that

    Don't worry. I didn't meant that you mean that. It's just to mention something regarding images. Posting codes in image is really very annoying. Sometimes, even if people (in this case, me) know how to answer the addressed question, but the image loading time and inability to copy the trigger text just make me ignore the thread altogether. (Probably it's just me and my slow internet connection :p).
  11. XeNiM666

    XeNiM666 I lurk for pizza

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    thx for this thread AceHart.

    learned my lesson :(
  12. Don

    Don Rise with the Fallens!

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    -_- i didnt meant that, i mean, post screenshots when you mostly have a problem that needs a visual, as much as an interface problem or something you did in object editor or else, that actually are not triggers since you can copy-paste them in codes tags.

    And these are not ''AbSoLuTlY NeEdEd'' in a post, they just make it easier to read/understand the problem and always make it easier for ''the helper''.

    GJ acehart, forgot to say that!
  13. PooBucket

    PooBucket New Member

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    Lols, lots of crim's here! XD

    Good thread though, quite a few people seemed to have learnt (and be ashamed) their lesson. I know I've never done that though, I don't swear much either. I've never read the rules either too, where are they? I haven't gone through much of this site.
  14. UndeadDragon

    UndeadDragon Super Moderator Staff Member

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    The rules are here.
  15. Dregonx

    Dregonx Member

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    I couldn't stop laughing at those.

    But yeah, thanks it'll keep me from that in the future, although to my knowledge, haven't posted one of those before.
  16. PooBucket

    PooBucket New Member

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  17. Sevion

    Sevion The DIY Ninja

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    Sigh. I should stop looking at threads with titles like that. But I still do....... :(
  18. Cheddar

    Cheddar This is the way it was meant to be.

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    That last one really got me going. Even though I assume anyone with a thread title like that would have a red bar faster than you can say "Ryoko", it kind of accurately depicts the attitudes of a few ex-forumgoers here.

    Actually, this is the first time I've seen AceHart use language like that... perhaps I need to visit the forums more often.

    No matter the thread title, I'll just hold my cursor over the problem, and if those three lines don't tell me anything important I just won't answer it. I usually try responding to threads with minimal replies, but stuff like that... why bother if you can't say what you need to say?
  19. thewrongvine

    thewrongvine The Evolved Panda Commandant Staff Member

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    lol, way back when when I first came here, I was like that... excluding the curses. :D I've just realized that I don't thread much... :/
  20. Sevion

    Sevion The DIY Ninja

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    I don't thread much either :p I just look at others and use search. (Yeah. If you look hard enough, you'll find your answer......)
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