How to change "Bladestorm" to a channeling skill?


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Is there any way to change Bladestorm to a channeling skill?
I don't want the caster to move while casting it (I'll increase the area of effect later)
I'm newbie
Well you cant make it channeling sience isn`t.
But you can use a custom model of bladestorm and trigger a custom bladestorm channeling.
You can make it so it can be deactivated by setting it in the Game Constants but to stop movement you will have to trigger it. ie. Unit casts spell -> Set Trigger unit movement to 0. And when it finishes casting spell reset it the movement speed
I believe bladestorm is deactivateable, just have it towhere when a unit that is under the effect of it moves it deactivates the ability
Hope this works for you

Advanced > Gameplay constants > Gameplay > Can Deactivate Bladestorm (NYI)
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