How to make Air unit have collision (movers, no pathing, collision,


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I am new here.
I am a map maker for a Starcraft 2 arcade game called "Risk Legacy"
I require assistance with with making the "navy" in my game have collision (not stack with eachother and collide).
I have used "no pathing" to color in the ocean, then the land ocean border is divided with "no fly zones" there are then ports extending off the coast in certain locations, so boats and land units can enter the port for boarding.

I want to make "navy" (air units) have collision (not stack) while still able to enter "no pathing" areas and not crossing "no fly zones". Is this possible? is there another easy way to change the pathing in my game so I achieve this outcome?

I have tried a few different things and still no luck (like 5 hrs)
Thank you


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