How to: Make Spellbooks

Discussion in 'Tutorial Repository' started by Andrewgosu, Jul 14, 2006.

  1. godofchaosvn

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    nice n helpful tut, thx

    i saw in the Vexorian map, he can put hero skills to spellbook, but when I add new skill or edit, it can only put unit or item skills. Can u have me?
  2. Rommel

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    godofchaos sang day hoi nao the ?:D
    -Nice tutorial, +rep
  3. N8-11_GER

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    yes hi guys i h ave a little problem....
    i think u all know defiance orpg i like his spellbook system
    i want to have the same :p
    so but i do spellbook in hero - ability- normal and also at right position but now i have the prob with lvling that the spells get at higher lvl
    example my healer has at first skill group heal and all 5lvl i get 1 lvl higher so that worx at fine but now i want that he get inner fire as example and i want that this spell improves all 9 so i done that i will lvl all 9lvl but the spell is in the spellbook from beginning on
    would be nice for fast answer
  4. Sil3nt

    Sil3nt SUP?

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    I knew one day i would need this tutorial.. +rep =D
  5. kelogsloops

    kelogsloops You can change this now in User CP.

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    I still dont get how to add a skill into spell book.... I click on the tome and it doesnt give me the skill o.o
  6. Tubba

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    I have a question. Say that I want to make something like the 4 spellbooks stuff. Can I make it so that while adding another spell, you also increase the levels of previous spells (Adding entirely new abilities but more powerful) or do I have to do that via triggers?

    IE: Level 1: Firebolt
    Level 2: Super Firebolt, Inner Fire
    Level 3: Ultra Firebolt, Super Inner Fire, Flame Strike

    Or must level 2 contain the normal Fire Bolt and level 3 the Firebolt and Inner Fire?
  7. Ormagon

    Ormagon New Member

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    Lvling the skills

    basically wat i wanted to do with my spells was to add 2-3 spelbooks in a single heroes abuillities example frost spells/fire spells/lightning spells in a mages abillities then as they llv the spellbook they get the abillitties equal to the books llv to use freely this way u can fully customize ur hero to wat suites u best wen i tried ur tutorial i ended up with a epllbook i learn once and all the skills are in it:banghead: i tried countless times to try a rigger or something but nothing in the triggers seems to correspond with my probleme wat i did was i added a spellbook called holy in a priests abillities and checked if it would work b4 i wentfurther in my customization at the starting lvl 1 i get a abillity point like always i placed it in the spellbook and poof imn a lvl 1 with 8 spells o_O
  8. Parsimony

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    I'm quite confused about changing the Hero-learnable spellbook icon. Is it possible to change it from the original without it turning all green in-game? it's 12:00 in the evening here right now and i'm too tired to figure it out.
  9. darkRae

    darkRae Ueki Fan (Ueki is watching you)

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    Are you using a custom icon?
    Have you imported it correctly? (check the path, etc.)
  10. Maleius

    Maleius Guest

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    the code

    Do you need the code for the spellbook to work.

    By this I mean can u just follow the tutorial to complete the spellbook and it just have the abilities, say at level 1 for instance. I mean, can you just make an item spellbook which has the abilities, and u can use one after the other, while the used ones are still 'cooldowning'. I saw it on a Warcraft map and it was soo cool.

  11. isaax190

    isaax190 New Member

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    Unit - a unit gains a level


    (level of evasion for (trigerring unit)) equal to 2


    unit increase level of evasion1 for (triggering unit)

    not working...
    how come??
  12. mippy9

    mippy9 New Member

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    im using spellbooks in my map and im giving a hero a spellbook (with triggers)which he doesnt already have as an ability and i wanna know if its possible to give him the spellbook and make him able to level it up as a normal ability, using triggers.
  13. GameOver[GR]

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    Nice Tutorial.:thup: Thanks Yo
  14. isaax190

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    dude there's a problem when inserting the 4th skill in which is passive...
    every skills work except for critical skill... how come??
  15. neetmaster

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    Warcraft3 crashes for me when there is a non-hero unit with spellbook that have Engineering Upgrade in it.

    Anyone getting the same problem?
  16. ArmyOfFrogs

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    Is it possible to Put a Spellbook inside of another Spellbook? There's just about no practical use for this but I was wondering anyways ;]

    Side note - On my map that i'm working on ATM, it's only allowing me to put item abilities into the Spellbook, and that's not really a big problem as I've just been making all my abilities Item abilities and they work just fine, been adding them as hero levels fine as well.. Just a bit of a pain and a nuisance and was wondering if there was any explanation or easy fix that i'm missing.

    Thanks :D
  17. wraithseeker

    wraithseeker Tired.

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    Yes.. it is possible.
  18. D.V.D

    D.V.D Make a wish

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    One question, will the hot keys for spells inside a spell book work even if you didn't open the spell book yet?
  19. Spiteless

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  20. D.V.D

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    That sucks.

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