How to prevent formatting loss when I copy and paste?

Discussion in 'General Technical Support' started by Penguin-, Apr 3, 2012.

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    Hi guys,

    About a week ago my previously faultless MS Word 2007 has started confusing me:

    I copy a body of text from a document which includes formatting (hyperlinks, bold, italics etc) but when I paste this text anywhere (including a Word document) all formatting is lost. (This includes cutting as well, so if I cut the text and paste it immediately back again, all formatting is lost)

    As a writer this is driving me nuts as I have to manually reformat documents after uploading them online.

    I have not knowingly made any changes to any program or browser that might have caused this to happen.
    The file type is .docx

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    there is a "format painter" and a "special paste" that removes formatting, I would check the settings on both of those
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    Thanks for the reply but I've checked both of those settings.

    Also the Options>Advanced>Copy and Paste are set as:

    • Pasting Within the Same Document: Keep Source Formatting
    • Pasting Between Documents: Keep Source Formatting
    • Pasting Between documents when style definitions conflict: Use destination styles
    • Pasting from other programmes: Keep Source Formatting

    These settings alone should at least dictate that pasting in Word should be the same as when it was copied?

    Problem resolved:

    I've accidentally fixed it.

    I discovered that the format removal only happens if I have Chrome running.
    I disabled my Chrome plugins and it was the Skype plugin!
    I've removed this and now everything is back to normal.

    Feel free to close thread.

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